Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Cloudstrike

Bungie continues to drop new content.

The Cloudstrike exotic energy Sniper Rifle is now available to acquire.

Cloudstrike comes with the perk Mortal Polarity – Precision final blows generate a lightning bolt at the target’s location.

It also has the trait Stormbringer – Rapid precision hits create a lightning storm at the point of impact.

Cloudstrike fires at 140 RPM (i.e. Rapid Fire Frame) and holds 7 in the Magazine.

Sabotage Europan Explorer II

How to Get Cloudstrike

Head to Variks and open up his Sabotage menu.

You will need to complete Europan Explorer 1 and then Europan Explorer II.

You’ll need 10 Herealways Piece to buy Explorer 1, which will task you with getting kills on Europa; 50 kinetic, 50 energy, and 25 power.

You’ll need 20 Pieces to buy Explorer 2, which wants 30 challenging combatants killed during Empire Hunts. I recommend doing the Dark Priestess Hunt, you’ll kill 30 majors before getting to the Priestess.

Once you get the 30 powerful enemy kills, head back to Variks.

With Europan Explorer II unlocked, you’ll now notice a new quest node on your Europa Map:

Empire Hunt Challenge Node

You can select the difficulty from Adept (1180), Hero (1220), Legend (1250) and Master (1280).

Upping the difficulty adds modifiers and extra rewards.

Empire Hunt Challenge

Regardless of the difficulty you choose however, the Cloudstrike is always listed as a Rare reward. So if you’re just farming to get Cloudstrike, just do it on the Adept version.

There is Matchmaking for Adept and Hero.

Cloudstrike is a random drop from completing it; you could get it from this selectable Empire Hunt (this week it is The Dark Priestess) on your first go, or it could take you 20 or more. You never know.

If you’re going for it, again lowest difficulty means easier and thus faster completions. Best of luck, and may RNG be in your favor.

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