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SJW’s Attack THQ Nordic Over AMA

February ends just like any other day, with the professionally offended and morally superior Social Justice Warriors crying, planning boycotts, and showing how tolerant the “progressive” mob is.

This time, the target of their hateful mob justice is video game publisher THQ Nordic. What crime did THQ Nordic commit to warrant the reeeing of the mob? Their PR guy held an “Ask Me Anything” on 8chan. Unbelievable! The mob wants to lynch a guy, get him fired, and then bring down the whole company because of a little AMA on a chan.

So much hate that ResetERA, a degenerate Communist paradise home to the worst SJW’s, has a thread over 110 pages long reeeing and comforting one another while calling for boycotts of THQ Nordic games.

I don’t visit chan sites, or “image boards,” but apparently 8ch spun off from 4chan and is home to those “too edgy” for 4chan. The site has been banned (from Google search) for supposed child pornography and is said to be home for far-right neo-nazis. There probably are Nazi’s there, just like there are plently of folks there trolling anonymously as is their right. I would imagine, and hope, if the site actually contained child porn that it would be shut down. That it hasn’t been, despite getting over 35,000 unique visitors a day (according to Wikipedia), leads me to believe that there probably isn’t.

Just look at this article from the cesspool that is Waypoint, written by super-SJW and huge moron Patrick Klepek:

THQ Nordic Held Q&A on a Website Banned for Suspected Child Pornography

What an outrageous headline. A website banned from Google search.

The headline is true, despite how incredulous it sounds. THQ Nordic, a publisher largely known the past few years as the company who announces the acquisition of the rights to a new video game every few days, hosted a Q&A today on 8chan, the same 8chan that’s been involved in incidents regarding child pornography, swatting, GamerGate, and more. It has since apologized for the decision, citing ignorance over 8chan, but it remains indefensible.

They use child pornography as the lead in cause for why this should be a condemned, outrageous act, but I think we all know the real reason the mainstream gaming media jumped on this with such gleeful hate is because of the link between 8chan and GamerGate. If there’s actually child porn there, shut the site down and arrest the owner as that is illegal and not free speach. If there’s swatting going on there, find and arrest the person or person responsible for it. But the rest of this stuff is just free speech that these far-left lunatics absolutely HATE (and I’m talking purely about the concept of free speach; if these people don’t agree with it, it shouldn’t be allowed.) They’re clueless fascists who fancy themselves as anti-fascists.

In other words, it’s an absolute hellscape, even by Internet standards, and…this is where THQ Nordic chose to hold a Q&A? There was really no other choice but to legitimize a breeding ground for the Internet’s worst?

What is it with these morons and their obsession with “legitimizing” stuff. I don’t get this belief that if you engage with someone, or some place, whose views or advocacies (or just things they allow to happen) that you “legitimize” it. It’s already a legitimate website with legitimate users.

Internet’s worst is also debatable. It’s a clear web site; I’m sure the Internet’s actual worst is on the Dark Web (or Deep Web or whatever it’s called). Besides that, ResetERA, which Klepek is a member of, is a pretty vile place filled with racists, sexists, mentally ill degenerates and tons of loli avatars from the closeted pedos who are so loudly vocalizing themselves against THQ.

The move was so brazen and strange that it was reasonable to assume it was the result of someone hacking THQ Nordic’s social media account, but then the Q&A actually started, in which two members of THQ Nordic’s staff—PR and marketing director Philipp Brock and business and product development director Reinhard Pollice—started answering questions.

Oh no! They answered questions… PUT THEM UNDER THE JAIL!

Even then, there was reason to think it was still bullshit because of some of the answers.

When someone asked THQ Nordic to not appeal to the “SocJus crowd,” Brock said “thanks! We’ll try to stay that way.”

Is this real life? Patrick picks this answer as some got’em “that’s gotta be bullshit” answer?

Here’s a newsflash for Patrick and the reset of the retard brigade… a majority of people, gamer or otherwise, are sick to death of Social Justice and having a far-left, Marxist agenda shoved down their throat. If THQ can actually not go the way of EA or Ubisoft, both of which have fully embraced SJW agendas, then I’d be more likely to support them as would most other people.

When another person asked “where the big tiddie lolis at?” and pasted an image of a man groping two young looking girls, Brock appeared to respond with “you got them already we’d say.” This sounded like the kind of online chatter you would see from a hacker who was looking for attention, not an executive for a major gaming publisher.

First, what a retarded question. Second, I’d have to actually see the picture. Was it a real picture of actually young girls, or was it some anime drawing that most of these degenerates like? Regardless, “you got them already we’d say,” is a nothing answer. Not sure how you get offended over that.

UPDATE: I looked through Patrick’s Twitter, and this image was so shockingly disturbing that he felt the need to share it with everyone on Twitter:

Definitely don’t appear underage. Just a stupid drawing, and Patrick should know something about those. Hardly offensive.

And yet, it’s true. It all happened. Both of those people typed those words onto 8chan—again, a place banned by Google because of “suspected child abuse content.”

So in this entire AMA, however long it lasted, “thanks, We’ll try to stay that way,” and “you got them already we’d say” is the worst thing these THQ employees posted? What a complete non-issue. But again, it’s a place “banned by Google because of suspected child abuse content.”

What does suspected even mean here? This is not a murder investigation where you suspect someone of having done it but there’s no evidence of it. It’s the Internet, if it was there it was there. Even if deleted, a cache existed for at least some time.

The real crime here isn’t that the place is banned by Google for “suspected child abuse content,” but rather is home to trolls, far-right goons, and ultimately those dastardly GamerGater’s.

When I called Pollice over Skype, a startled and clearly shaken voice picked up.

“I guess it’s about the AMA, right?” he told me. “Ah, so, you know. I wasn’t really involved with this. My PR colleague—I don’t know if you have his contact information—Philipp, was involved in that and is currently handling it.”

Pollice quickly got off the call, and moments after sending Brock a message, he responded.

“I personally agreed to this AMA without doing my proper due diligence to understand the history and the controversy of the site,” he said in a statement. “I do not condone child pornography, white supremacy, or racism in any shape or form. I am terribly sorry for the short-sightedness of my (!) decision, and promise to be far more vigorous in my assessment of these activities in the future. This was not about being edgy, this blew up and I very much regret to have done it in the first place.”

Imagine being this much of moral police soy boy that you call up THQ about a silly AMA that didn’t hurt anyone. Jesus.

THQ Nordic has no excuse here. 8chan’s origins and purpose are not mysterious or hard to find. That the company has quickly backpedaled and apologized for their apparent lack of due diligence does precious little to excuse what happened here. What’s especially damning is what each of them said on 8chan. They were more than happy to play ball with the crowd.

THQ’s mistake here was backpedaling and apologizing. NEVER, EVER back down and apologize to appease the mob. It just makes you look weak and like you were actually in the wrong, while doing “precious little to excuse” it to the vultures who only want to inflict misery on others in an attempt to make themselves look superior to their equally retarded, woke circle of “allies.” It’s taking someone to the woodshed for supposed wrong-think in an effort to virtue signal.

I LOVE this part of this drivel:

“What’s especially damning is what each of them said on 8chan.”

I like how he thinks it’s damning and that he wrapped said in italics to put the emphasis on it.

Well what did they say that was so damning!

“thanks, We’ll try to stay that way,” and “you got them already we’d say”

Are you kidding me? That’s it? Saying they’ll try to stay free of pushing Social Justice and “you got them already” is damning enough to want these people to lose their job?

How deranged is this psychopath and his followers of SJW’s?

By the way, since 8chan is banned from Google, if you Google Patrick Klepek, the super woke fella that he is, you’ll find images like this:

If you can’t see what young Patrick is holding there, it’s suppose to be some sort of drawing he did (or just found funny) of a dude anally raping a girl with the caption “just shove it up her ASS!”.

This one is him standing behind/beside a chick with an aggressive face that he captioned “rape time, biotch!” Clearly, he thought this joke was funny.

Now I’m not insane, so obviously he was younger then and people make mistakes and shouldn’t be judged for what they said a decade or so ago. But that’s rational, and we’re dealing with unhinged lunatics who want to not apply that principal to everyone else, which is why you can’t have statues of Confederate soldiers or the recent crying wanting to remove John Wayne’s name from some airport because of some interview he gave Playboy in the early 70’s.

Leftist “logic” dictates that Patrick can apologize for these jokes he once thought was funny, but ultimately that does “precious little to excuse” them.

Update: In the aftermath of this story, it was not shocking to hear from understandably angry developers.

“It feels horrible to be associated with this company in any capacity,” said one developer currently working for a studio under THQ Nordic, who requested anonymity to protect their job.

“I definitely worry about the affect it’ll have on our audience,” they continued. “The mainstream game audience is arguably already leaning right, and this (implicit or explicit) approval of this awful group is only going to drive sales in their direction and away from the kind of progressive people that I would love to reach. The comment on ‘continuing to avoid making games for SocJus audiences’ fills me with the most dread.”

Gotta love anonymous quotes.

So if this quote is real, there’s a deranged developer out there who admits the mainstream game audience leans right and then calls them an awful group. He/She/Ze is then worried that this silly AMA will drive sales further in the direction of non-SJW projects and away from the “progressive people” that this developer would love to reach. This suspected person goes on to say that “avoiding making games for SJW audiences” fills them with dread.

How much of a retard do you have to be to want a company to give you money to make a game, so that you can then deliberately target a minority audience just to push your social justice agenda? This is the kind of nonsense that would cause a studio to be closed and hundreds of people to be laid off.

THQ Nordic has done a lot of good stuff recently, let’s hope they continue on that path and don’t now change course and embrace SJW’s. Because the leftists can boycott all they want, if the games are good and free of pushing a polticial agenda the majority of the audience disagrees with, the company will be fine. But get woke, and go broke.

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