Kick Beat
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Kick Beat Review

Over the course of the past three years or so, Zen Studios has become perhaps my favorite independent development studio. The studio is of course widely known for that amazing pinball games across various platforms, but really anything they put out is at the very least good (I liked their Planet Minigolf before I ever… Continue reading Kick Beat Review

Star Wars Pinball
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Star Wars Pinball Review

There was a time when I thought pinball on a console was stupid and couldn’t possibly be any fun, and then PlayStation Plus featured Marvel Pinball as a free download. I tried it and ended up loving it. The folks at Zen Studios have crafted a lot of virtual tables, but it’s their Marvel tables… Continue reading Star Wars Pinball Review

Zen Pinball 2
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Zen Pinball 2 + Plants vs. Zombies Table Review

Zen Pinball 2 isn’t really a game, it’s a pinball platform. As such, it’s free to download. Zen Pinball 2 is actually an upgrade for Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball. If you own either of those two pinball games on PS3, you’ll be able to import your tables to Zen Pinball 2. The benefit of… Continue reading Zen Pinball 2 + Plants vs. Zombies Table Review