I, Robot
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I, Robot Review

Based on the series of short stories written by Isaac Asimov, I, Robot takes place in Chicago in the year 2035. Will Smith plays Detective Spooner, a cop that refuses to place his faith in robots when everyone else does. Spooner’s distrust stems from an incident that occurred prior to the beginning of the film,… Continue reading I, Robot Review

The Big Heat
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The Big Heat Review

The first thing we see in ‘The Big Heat’ is a pistol being loaded behind the desk of Officer Tom Duncan. Duncan, a dirty cop on the payroll of Mike Lagana, the crooked mobster who has a strangle hold on the city he works for, has finally reached his breaking point. We hear the report… Continue reading The Big Heat Review

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Looper Review

Along with being a pretty enjoyable Sci-Fi suspense picture, I have the weird duty to report that 2012’s ‘Looper’ may be the overall best movie about mass suicide and attempted child murder that I’ve ever seen. Not that I have seen that many films like this mind you, nor do I particularly hope the genre… Continue reading Looper Review

Killing Them Softly
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Killing Them Softly Review

Now, it used to be when Hollywood wanted to make a political statement, but also wanted to do so in a semi-inconspicuous manner that they would turn to the ever trusted western to do the trick, with the Civil War often filling in for the then too controversial Vietnam War in subject matter, and cattle… Continue reading Killing Them Softly Review

Stand Up Guys
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Stand Up Guys Review

A great big vintage car rolls up to a prison. Two old friends, both of them wearing suits that look like they have some serious age to them make some cursory small talk and then embrace. After exchanging brief pleasantries, they drive off for one last adventure to relive their glory days. It sounds like… Continue reading Stand Up Guys Review

Patriots of Treason
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Review: Patriots Of Treason

Author: David Thomas Roberts This was a review copy, provided at no cost to the reviewer. It should be duly noted right out at the forefront of this review that this is definitely a very in your face kind of book as it relates to its political dealings. Unashamedly, it’s a tin foil hat wearing,… Continue reading Review: Patriots Of Treason

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Shooter Review

A former marine sniper, Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) was living more of a solitary mountain life until he is visited by Colonel Isaac Johnson(Glover) who had received a threat on the President’s life. Reluctantly pressed back into service for his country, Swagger must figure out the assassin’s plan for attack and in which city it… Continue reading Shooter Review