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Skyfall Review

Putting Bond in jeopardy right at the beginning of a movie is a device that has been used in a handful of Bond films such as You Only Live Twice, and Die Another Day. It is an interesting way to get the story going full speed ahead, and so it does here as this movie… Continue reading Skyfall Review

Quantum of Solace
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Quantum of Solace Review

James Bond is on a quest for revenge against the evil doers who blackmailed his former flame---Vesper Lynd, from Casino Royale, a pursuit which leads him to the discovery of one Dominic Greene, a guy with a private army capable of being nearly anywhere it seems, but who is bent on controlling the water resources… Continue reading Quantum of Solace Review

Casino Royale
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Casino Royale Review

After the abortion that was “Die Another Day” the Bond franchise was in desperate need of a shot in the arm, and it received just that with 2006’s epic reboot “Casino Royale”. “Casino Royale” was the first of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, originally written back in the 1950s, so it is weird that it took… Continue reading Casino Royale Review

The World Is Not Enough
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The World Is Not Enough Review

Pierce Brosnan’s third entry in the Bond franchise, “The World is Not Enough” has almost all of the makings of a really good Bond movie such as great locations, explosion laden action, beautiful women, and a decent actor in the role of Bond, but this is yet another later 90s misfire in my opinion. It’s just… Continue reading The World Is Not Enough Review

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Tomorrow Never Dies Review

Peter Travers, in his review of “Tomorrow Never Dies” wrote “If Connery was Sexy Bond and George Lazenby was One-Shot Bond and Roger Moore was Geezer Bond and Timothy Dalton was Bored Bond, then Brosnan should be Posh Bond.” This kind of sums up my feelings on Brosnan as well, who was probably the most… Continue reading Tomorrow Never Dies Review

Licence to Kill
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Licence To Kill Review

This was the second and sadly final James Bond movie to star Timothy Dalton and is, in my opinion, one of the more underrated entries of the series. Robert Davi plays a great understated, but very menacing Bond villain, although unlike the cartoonish caricatures of past Bond movies (not that I’m knocking them all mind… Continue reading Licence To Kill Review

The Living Daylights
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The Living Daylights Review

I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but, aside from Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton is my 2nd favorite Bond. Also, he comes the closest to capturing the literary character penned in the Ian Fleming novels written before the Connery movies changed the entire dynamic forever. This movie was Dalton’s first of two appearances in… Continue reading The Living Daylights Review

A View To A Kill
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A View To A Kill Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the fourteenth official installment in my series of reviews chronicling the James Bond film franchise. When last I left you, we had just reviewed what would have been number fourteen in the series, had it been an official EON production. However, the film we reviewed (1983’s Never Say Never Again)… Continue reading A View To A Kill Review