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Foxcatcher Review

Foxcatcher is a meticulously crafted, well researched, and fantastically acted film. That said, I found it to be kind of a dull and ponderous movie, although this is the kind of thing you don’t watch for entertainment as much as for the experience. Steve Carrel plays John DuPont, a spoiled billionaire by birth opens up… Continue reading Foxcatcher Review

Rocky Balboa
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Rocky Balboa Review

This movie packs the feels. Like I said with the last review of Rocky 5, I find it works best if you skip the third and fourth installments of this series to keep things on an even keel, and for this movie, perhaps just skipping straight from the first movie this one is best for… Continue reading Rocky Balboa Review

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Kickboxer Review

Jean Claude Van Damme is Kurt Sloane, the brother of American kickboxing champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio). Eric travels with Kurt to Thaland to face the dangerous Muay Thai monster known as ‘Tong Po’. Po cripples Eric Sloane, leaving the younger brother hellbent on revenge. Luckily, Mr. Miyagi himself happens to live nearby and, in… Continue reading Kickboxer Review

Requiem for a Heavyweight
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Requiem for a Heavyweight Review

This is a very interesting and historically significant film for a number of reasons. In the opening scene we see Muhammad Ali (Still Cassius Clay at the time) in a boxing match with Mountain Rivera (Anthony Quinn) in a bout so one sided it forces Rivera to retire. Facing retirement now, Rivera finds that he… Continue reading Requiem for a Heavyweight Review