SEC Championship 2020 Simulation

SEC Championship 2020 Simulation: Alabama vs. Florida

Tomorrow, #1 Alabama does battle with #7 Florida to determine the 2020 SEC Champion. It's a battle of two high-octane offenses led by Heisman-candidate quarterbacks and strong also defenses. Our YouTube channel is filled with broadcast simulations of college football games captured in Maximum Football 2020. Check out our simulation of the SEC Championship game… Continue reading SEC Championship 2020 Simulation: Alabama vs. Florida

Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley hits all the right notes and checks all the right boxes as a feature rich farming based RPG. If it can be done better, I'd certainly like to see it, but no one person could make a better game for this genre than Eric Barone has done. I'd say it's the peak, the Harvest Moon game many of us always wanted.

Surgeon Simulator
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Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Review

Surgeon Simulator received a lot of buzz when it initially released on PC, not because it was an authentic surgeon simulation game, but because of how absurd it is. After watching videos, I was intrigued and tried out the game. I saw the humor in it, but wasn't a fan because the controls were horrible… Continue reading Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Review