Barton Fink
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Barton Fink Review

Barton Fink is one of my favorite lesser known Coen brothers movie. In it John Turturro plays a brilliant stage writer for Broadway (from whom the movie gets its name) who gets lured to Hollywood in the 1940s to write screenplays for big studios. Turturro is perfectly at home as the naïve, paranoid stereotypical writer… Continue reading Barton Fink Review

Slow West
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Slow West Review

If the real west were half as violent as depicted in this movie, we would have let the Indians keep it. A bounty hunter with a touch of conscience played with equal parts bravado and grit by Michael Fassbender keeps his true motives a secret from the naïve and gawky Scottish teenager (Kodi Smit-McPhee) for… Continue reading Slow West Review

Double Indemnity
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Double Indemnity Review

I’ve been meaning to see Double Indemnity forever now, but only just finally got around to it after stumbling across a special edition copy in my school library. I’ve reviewed a couple other pieces of classic film noir on this blog and intend to do more. Film Noir is one of my favorite genres of… Continue reading Double Indemnity Review

The Shining
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The Shining Review

Struggling writer Jack Torrance (Nicholson) takes a job as an off season caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. Torrance takes the position and moves in for the winter with his wife (Duvall) and son(Lloyd), in hopes that the solitude of the off season will clear up his writers block. The Overlook, a building virtually cut off… Continue reading The Shining Review

Kiss The Girls
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Kiss The Girls Review

After his niece is abducted, criminal psychologist Dr. Alex Cross (Freeman) goes to North Carolina to aid/follow the investigation. What he learns is that his niece, Naomi, is the latest “trophy” of a man who calls himself “Casanova,” a man who collects women, but not necessarily for the purposes of killing them. Shortly after Casanova… Continue reading Kiss The Girls Review

The Third Man
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The Third Man Review

As a big fan of classic film noir it is to my utter embarrassment to have to admit to not having until now, finally seen ‘The Third Man’ in its entirety. The final motivating factor that pushed me over the edge was a statement written by my movie reviewing hero, the recently deceased Roger Ebert,… Continue reading The Third Man Review