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Halloween 2

Halloween 2 Review

This is generally how I prefer sequels to be done. Halloween 2 picks up directly where the original left off, bringing back most of the original characters (those that survived) from Halloween and setting them up for a new round of terror. Most of the action this time […]

Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs. Jason Review

Notorious dream slayer Freddy Krueger has been dormant for years now in the little neighborhood of Elm Street. Business just ain’t what it used to be as teenagers just don’t really seem that afraid anymore, which, as the story goes greatly reduces his powers. Not one to take […]

Jason X

Jason X Review

The folks at Digital Dream Door have this movie at number 35 on their list of the 100 worst movies ever made. In his review of this movie Roger Ebert echoes the meta qualities of a quote of one of the characters who, right before being eviscerated by […]