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Beetlejuice Banner

Beetlejuice Review

My wife is among the world’s biggest Tim Burton fans, and this of course, is one of her favorite movies. Growing up I recall loving it too. It’s strange looking back now how little actual screen time Michael Keaton gets in the title role here, but it’s telling […]

Ex Machina

Ex Machina Review

The Arrow on JoBlo.com had perhaps the best quote on Ex Machina I could find anywhere when he wrote about this movie “Ex Machina was Frankenstein meets The Island of Dr. Moreau by way of Basic Instinct.” which just about sums this flick up for me. Quirky introspective […]

Into The Woods

Into The Woods Review

* BE WARNED: THERE ARE SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THIS REVIEW * I watched this movie the other night completely unaware that it was a musical. I’m not typically a fan of musicals, and Broadway really isn’t something that interest me all that much (there are some that I […]

Demolition Man Review

John Spartan (Stallone) is the “Demolition Man” a Dirty Harry styled bad ass cop in the late 20th century. When a mission goes awry and he is wrongly blamed for the deaths of several innocent civilians, he is sentenced to be cryogenically frozen (as this is the chief […]

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

Harold Crick breaks for the fourth wall of his own life when he discovers that he is in fact a character in a book being written in a parallel universe. He begins hearing strange voices that turn out to be the narrator of the movie and eventually discovers […]

Bridge to Terabithia Review

I first saw Bridge to Terabithia in 2008, a little over a year after it had released in theaters. It was on a movie channel, Starz I believe. I had never read the book, but I remembered the trailer for it and was excited to see it. I […]

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Review

Based on Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” with a few poetic liberties, Sleepy Hollow puts a modern spin on the legendary tale of horror. Rather than his original role as a school teacher, Ichabod Crane (Depp) is now an investigator from New York sent to investigate […]

Van Helsing

Van Helsing Review

For a movie I had no intention of watching in the theater, this was a pretty good movie. The legendary monster hunter Van Helsing (Jackman) must go to Transylvania to fight Dracula and help Anna (Beckinsale), who’s family can not enter heaven until Dracula is dead (I suppose […]