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Rogue Explorer

Rogue Explorer Review

Roguelikes remain pretty popular in gaming, especially when done right. “One more run” always has a way of turning into several more. Rogue Explorer is the latest in the genre, and it too maintains that “one more run” addiction. It also carries with a much more casual feeling. […]

Rainbow Moon

Rainbow Moon (PS4) Review

SideQuest Studios’ wonderful RPG Rainbow Moon released on PS4 a couple of weeks ago. I originally reviewed this game back in 2012 when it released for PS3. As such, I’m reposting that review for the PS4 version. This is release is just Rainbow Moon on PS4. There’s not […]

Rainbow Moon

Rainbow Moon Review

Rainbow Moon is a true old-school RPG experience, which means there’s a big chunk of older fans who grew up with this style of game that will love it and a younger audience that would be more likely to hate it. There’s very little middle ground here; you […]