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Montage of Heck

Montage Of Heck Review

HBO for the past few years has had a very cool way of doing musician biographies, using old footage and interviews, and other direct sources from the people in the spotlight to tell their own stories. I have seen both the Rolling Stones, and Sinatra’s documentaries, but of […]

Life Itself

Life Itself Review

Roger Ebert lived the last six or seven years of his life with no voice, other than a computer generated one he typed into in the final few years. This movie in both a figurative and a literal sense, is about giving Ebert his voice back. At least, […]

Memphis Heat

Memphis Heat Review

Long before the bright lights and pyrotechnics of today’s modern wrestling extravaganza there was already a thriving wrestling scene in America, several of them in fact, located in territories strewn across the United States, most of which falling under the dictum of the National Wrestling Alliance. One such […]