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Sideways Review

It’s a real treat to stumble across a movie like ‘Sideways’. I’d never heard of this before stumbling across a showing on HBO last night, but considering it had two of my favorite character actors in Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, I figured it was worth a shot. Giamatti plays one of the best… Continue reading Sideways Review

Death to Smoochy
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Death to Smoochy Review

If you enjoy dark and often obscene comedies, then Death to Smoochy is a must-own movie for you. Robin Williams is at his comedic best as former kid show host, Rainbow Randolph. Rainbow was ousted by Kid Net, after accepting bribes for the show. His replacement is the “squeaky clean”, Sheldon ‘Smoochy’ Mopes (Edward Norton),… Continue reading Death to Smoochy Review

Burn After Reading
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Burn After Reading Review

“Intelligence is Relative” Ah, those whacky Coen Brothers. They’ve done it again. Burn After Reading’s plot is such a cooked up, convoluted, utterly confusing, overly complicated and in many ways brilliant one that to reveal all the parts of it would be at once both counterproductive and, just downright hard to do in fact. I… Continue reading Burn After Reading Review