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Spartacus “Men of Honor” Review

The third episode of the final season of Spartacus is in the books. Last week, Spartacus and his army captured a city. This week, they look to secure more food. Is “Men of Honor” a good episode? Click to find out.

King Kong (1933) Review

At its release in 1933, King Kong was quite a spectacle and a true blockbuster. And while it’s been almost 80 years since this film released, it is still quite a spectacle. Prior to watching this for the first time, I had previously seen the 1976 remake starring […]

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 Review

Back in September of last year, our Features Editor, Jules, posted the full review of the theatrical release of The Expendables 2. For the most part, I agree almost completely with his review of the movie and so reviewing the movie isn’t why I’m posting this today. Instead, […]