The Monuments Men
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The Monuments Men Review

Richard Roeper, who you may remember as the former television partner of the late Roger Ebert of ‘Ebert and Roeper’ fame, writes in his review of ‘The Monuments Men’ that this is a “solid albeit slow building film with few dull moments.” I like to imagine if Roger were still alive (and never lost his… Continue reading The Monuments Men Review

Resident Evil
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Resident Evil Review

Based on the popular video game series by the same name, Resident Evil is about the Umbrella Corporation and their secret biological experiments. Living in the house above “The Hive," Alice (Jovovich) awakens following an accident down below. Long story short, a specially trained commando team (which includes Rodriguez) is sent in by Umbrella to… Continue reading Resident Evil Review

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Spartacus – “Blood Brothers” (3.05) Review

WARNING: Full spoilers for the episode below. After the brutal actions of Crixus and many of the other rebels last week, tensions are still high between Crixus and Spartacus this week. In fact, Spartacus is now doing things without telling Crixus and who can blame him for not fully trusting the mad Gaul? Meanwhile, Caesar… Continue reading Spartacus – “Blood Brothers” (3.05) Review

The Vikings
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The Vikings Review

* Spoilers ahead! The History Channel miniseries “The Vikings” premieres this Sunday night, and since I’m actually looking forward to it (along with “The Bible”) this CCW felt like the perfect time for an epic that I hadn’t seen before for with the same name. Luckily, Amazon Instant Prime has this 1958 “epic” available for… Continue reading The Vikings Review

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Spartacus – “Decimation” (3.04) Review

WARNING: Full spoilers for the episode below. This week’s episode of Spartacus is definitely the best episode of the season thus far. Things really got out of control, and honestly this episode, more than any other, shows how neither side is particularly good. There are people on both sides who appear honorable and decent, but… Continue reading Spartacus – “Decimation” (3.04) Review