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Rocky 5

Rocky 5 Review

It is not exactly breaking news, that out of all the Rocky movies, this one gets the most flack. In reality, I think with a different release date it might have been much more favorably regarded. This movie attempts the impossible though, as far as bringing a series […]

Rocky IV

Rocky IV Review

Rocky IV is the culmination of the 1980s Ronald Reagan vision of corporate America in all its gaudy excess, and is by far, the most ridiculous of all the Rocky movies, which is quite the accomplishment. It was a big enough stretch that a club fighter on his […]

Rocky 3

Rocky III Review

This may be the guiltiest of all the big budget guilty pleasure sports movies made in the 1980s. In the 1980s the Rocky movies became pretty much an extended music video. This time around the hit song of the “album” was Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, a […]

Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact Review

This was the first Dirty Harry movie to be made in the 1980s, and as such the change in tone was very noticeable. This was a time when marketing and product placement became much more obvious in movies, and these kinds of movies more or less became vehicles […]

The Enforcer

The Enforcer Review

In this the third installment of the Dirty Harry series, Harry Callahan takes on a group of Mayor kidnapping hippy-terrorists known as the People’s Revolutionary Strike Force (PRSF), Black Extremists, and also deals with feminism in his own unique way. The feminism bit comes when Callahan is assigned […]


Kickboxer Review

Jean Claude Van Damme is Kurt Sloane, the brother of American kickboxing champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio). Eric travels with Kurt to Thaland to face the dangerous Muay Thai monster known as ‘Tong Po’. Po cripples Eric Sloane, leaving the younger brother hellbent on revenge. Luckily, Mr. Miyagi […]

Con Air

Con Air Review

A man (Nicolas Cage) catching a plane ride home from a four year stint in prison after accidentally killing the men who tried to attack his pregnant wife finds himself on board a plane full of lifers/death row convicts who take over the plane in an elaborate attempt […]