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The Interview

The Interview Review

Hey, North Korea, you really could have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble and just let this one pass. It likely would have fizzled out based on its’ own merit rather than having the help of an entire news cycle controversy to drive up sales. James […]

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games Review

This is one of my favorite horrible movies. It has every bad movie cliché in the book, a ton of gnarly character actors, questionable acting, awful writing, pointless plot twists galore etc, and is centered around a bunch of guys dressed like Santa trying to rob a casino. […]

The Gunman

The Gunman Review

This is strictly a matter of personal taste, but I prefer my shoot em’ up style action flicks to be light on the preachy politics and heavy on the ass kicking suspense. Now, I realize any movie starring Sean Penn is going to be heavy on the former. […]

Revenge 1990

Revenge Review

I was up late the other night and caught this movie on TV and was surprised I had not heard of it before. Then while watching it, it occurred to me just how easy a movie this would have been to forget. 1990 was a very important year […]

Death Wish 2

Death Wish 2 Review

Death Wish goes west is probably a more appropriate title to this sequel. As a kid in love with macho badasses Charles Bronson was, of course, one of my heroes. And in retrospect it is Bronson’s presence alone that saves this one from being a nearly complete dud, […]

Saving Mr Banks

Saving Mr. Banks Review

As a former employee of Walmart, watching this movie gave me vague flashbacks to those awful corporate brainwashing “orientation” videos we were forced to watch in our first few days on the job that basically informed us that A: unions are the devil and will kill your children, […]