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The Vikings

The Vikings Review

* Spoilers ahead! The History Channel miniseries “The Vikings” premieres this Sunday night, and since I’m actually looking forward to it (along with “The Bible”) this CCW felt like the perfect time for an epic that I hadn’t seen before for with the same name. Luckily, Amazon Instant […]


Pathfinder Review

Besides the subpar acting, one thing stood out as the downfall of what could have and should have been a wonderful movie- the directing. So I wasn’t too surprised when I looked up Marcus Nispel on the Internet Movie Database and found that the only thing he’d ever […]


Contact Review

Jodie Foster stars as Ellie Arroway, a scientist who has dedicated her entire life to making ‘contact’ with intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Ellie’s work finally pays off, when she hears a radio message being broadcast from the distant star, Vega. Together with her team, she unlocks […]


Crysis Review

Today we will be looking at the PC version of Crysis. I’m not much of a PC gamer, and as my luck would have it, right after I started this, I found out they were releasing a console version. Nevertheless, I got my PC gaming on and beat […]

Cool Spot

Cool Spot Review

It’s been a while since I last featured a video game in the QDR, so I’m going to remedy that by going retro with an SNES title that I used to play a TON of back when I was a kid… Cool Spot. Yes, a video game starring […]

The Lost World

The Lost World Review

This doesn’t quite meet the criteria for the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, but I’m making an exception. This movie came out in 1925, which means two things: it’s a silent film, and it’s officially the oldest movie that I have ever seen. It also marks the first time […]