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The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men Review

Richard Roeper, who you may remember as the former television partner of the late Roger Ebert of ‘Ebert and Roeper’ fame, writes in his review of ‘The Monuments Men’ that this is a “solid albeit slow building film with few dull moments.” I like to imagine if Roger […]

Escape Plan

Escape Plan Review

My wife can’t stand Sylvester Stallone. Hates the way he looks, hates the way he talks, and hates the predictable turn most of his movies take. She represents a large group of people who harp on the guy’s faults, and I am not here to argue that those […]


Homefront Review

There was a much more interesting movie that bookended Homefront’s main story. It was about a long haired Jason Statham infiltrating a biker gang lead by a guy called Danny T, played by Chuck Zito, and it ended with a giant police raid, featuring an intense standoff in […]


Prisoners Review

Keller Dover is an uber-macho survivalist who keeps a basement full of canned goods and assorted Zombie Apocalypse gear all set up in neat alphabetically ordered shelving units. During a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, both his daughter and his friend’s daughter go missing in an apparent kidnapping. […]

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips Review

Tom Hanks rarely makes bad movies anymore. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he is so unfathomably rich that he has the luxury of only doing projects that directly appeal to his artistic nature. That’s not to say I’ve liked everything he has been in, but […]