Bridge on the River Kwai
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Bridge on the River Kwai Review

“Madness! Madness! Madness! “ That is the enduring battle cry of ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’, a movie about stubborn obstinate people who stick to their guns regardless of the consequences. It is a war movie in the sense that it takes place during a war, but it has more in common with Indiana Jones… Continue reading Bridge on the River Kwai Review

The Monuments Men
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The Monuments Men Review

Richard Roeper, who you may remember as the former television partner of the late Roger Ebert of ‘Ebert and Roeper’ fame, writes in his review of ‘The Monuments Men’ that this is a “solid albeit slow building film with few dull moments.” I like to imagine if Roger were still alive (and never lost his… Continue reading The Monuments Men Review

Night of the Hunter
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Night of the Hunter Review

It isn’t easy being a widow. Willa Harper (Shelley Winters) finds that out the hard way when her good intentioned husband Ben (Peter Graves) finds himself hanging from the gallows after robbing a local bank. The movie is set during the depression, and bank robbing at the time was about the noblest form of outlawry… Continue reading Night of the Hunter Review

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Homefront Review

There was a much more interesting movie that bookended Homefront’s main story. It was about a long haired Jason Statham infiltrating a biker gang lead by a guy called Danny T, played by Chuck Zito, and it ended with a giant police raid, featuring an intense standoff in which T’s son basically commits suicide by… Continue reading Homefront Review

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Prisoners Review

Keller Dover is an uber-macho survivalist who keeps a basement full of canned goods and assorted Zombie Apocalypse gear all set up in neat alphabetically ordered shelving units. During a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, both his daughter and his friend’s daughter go missing in an apparent kidnapping. Normally kidnapping movies save the kidnapping for… Continue reading Prisoners Review

Out of the Furnace
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Out of the Furnace Review

Russell Baze (Christian Bale) and his younger brother Rodney (a multiple tour Iraq war vet played by Casey Affleck) have spent their entire lives in the northeast rust belt in one of those towns kept alive by the local steel mill and a lot of hard earned calloused hands.  Russell is seemingly content with this,… Continue reading Out of the Furnace Review

Double Indemnity
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Double Indemnity Review

I’ve been meaning to see Double Indemnity forever now, but only just finally got around to it after stumbling across a special edition copy in my school library. I’ve reviewed a couple other pieces of classic film noir on this blog and intend to do more. Film Noir is one of my favorite genres of… Continue reading Double Indemnity Review