Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Origin Traits Come to Weapons in Destiny 2 in The Witch Queen

Bungie has found a new way to make your older weapons slightly less desirable in Destiny 2. And they’ve done it in a way that doesn’t completely render them obsolete like sunsetting would have.

When The Witch Queen launches on February 22nd, new weapons will have Origin Traits.

At launch with The Witch Queen and Season 16, there will be 14 Origin Traits available. Each season thereafter should see three new Traits come into the game (one for the season, one for a raid or dungeon, and one for the seasonal event).

These traits are a set third perk on all new legendary weapons and all returning weapons (say Trials, Iron Banner, Nightfall). These new traits will only appear on new drops of a weapon, they won’t be retroactively added to old drops that you already have.

From the latest This Week at Bungie:

These traits vary in effect, but the guideline is that they either have high uptime and medium power effects or low uptime and high power.

When we refresh old weapons from a given source (for example, an existing raid or old pool of Seasonal weapons) we may create a new Origin Trait at the same time.

Here are some examples:

  • Trials of Osiris: Alacrity: Gain increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last living member of your fireteam or running solo.
    • +20 reload, +20 stability, +10 aim assist, +10 range.
    • “Solo” includes solo Lost Sectors and Rumble, for example.
  • Nightfall Strikes: Stunning Recovery: Stunning a Champion partially refills your magazine, triggers health regeneration, and improves recovery for a short duration.
    • Grants 60 health instantly, and +40 recovery for 3s.
  • Crucible: One Quiet Moment: Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.
    • +40 reload stat when out of combat (haven’t dealt or received damage in 4s).
  • Strikes: Vanguard’s Vindication: Final blows with this weapon grant a small amount of health.
    • “Small” = 7 health
  • Any time it makes sense (due to the source activity), a weapon will have multiple Origin Traits selectable, for example:
    • Nightfall weapons can select between Nightfall and Vanguard traits.
    • Trials of Osiris weapons can select between Trials and Crucible traits.
    • The Pursuit weapon can select between the Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible traits (since it can be acquired from any of these activities).

One other case, see below.

Weapon Foundries

In Season 16, we’re replacing the old World Loot Pool with 12 new weapons in the style of the Destiny 2 Year-1 foundry weapon sets, three weapons each from the Suros, Omolon, Häkke, and Veist foundries, plus one foundry weapon each for Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible.

Destiny 2 World Drops Season 16

Pictured: A handful of weapons you’ll find in Legendary Engrams on Feb 22. Not all are pictured, mind you…

Each weapon will come with a Foundry Origin Trait themed around that foundry’s personality:

  • Suros: Suros Synergy: Reloading grants this weapon bonus handling and reduces incoming flinch for a short time.
    • +40 handling, 20% flinch resistance for 6s after reloading.
  • Häkke: Häkke Breach Armaments: This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals.
    • “Turrets” includes Stasis Turrets. +15% to vehicles, +30% to structures and turrets.
  • Omolon: Omolon Fluid Dynamics: This weapon has increased reload speed and stability for the top half of the magazine.
    • Stability: max +20, reload: max +30, reduces as the magazine gets lower.
  • Veist: Veist Stinger: Chance on damage to partially refill this weapon’s magazine.

In addition to the Foundry Origin Trait, each foundry weapon’s perk pools lean into that foundry’s identity – big damage for Häkke, consistency for Suros, abilities tie-ins and weird stuff for Omolon, never-stop-firing for Veist.

Destiny 2 Activity Drops Witch Queen

Pictured: Upcoming Vanguard Shotgun, Crucible Handcannon, and Gambit Auto Rifle.

Foundry weapons that drop from a source aside from the world pool can switch between the foundry trait and that source’s trait (this doesn’t imply that foundry weapons will be common outside the world pool).

For example, a roll on the new Gambit Häkke High-Impact Auto Rifle (Herod-C) might look like this:

  • Corkscrew Rifling / Polygonal Rifling
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds / Flared Magwell
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Focus Fire
  • Invader Tracker (Gambit Origin Trait) / Häkke Breach Armaments (Häkke Origin Trait)
  • Kill Tracker
  • Range Masterwork

We know we haven’t brought back all of your favorite foundry weapon types, but don’t worry! You can expect to see weapon foundries receive new additions each season for the year following The Witch Queen, with some fun surprises thrown in later in the year.

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