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Patriot’s Playing – 2022 Week #1

I’ve started 2022 off basically the same way I ended 2021… largely playing Assassin’s Creed games. That’s probably going to be the trend for a while.

This year, I’m looking to make a better effort at playing more game variety as opposed to playing Destiny 2 90% of my gaming time.

This is Patriot’s Playing, my Game Log for Week 1 of 2022 – January 1st through January 7th.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Valhalla continues to take up the most of my gaming time. My current save file has finally reached over 100 hours (about 110 or so right now).

I’ve completed the campaigns in the base game and the two expansions. Right now, I’m spending the most of my time working region by region grabbing collectibles, wealth, and completing world event mysteries.

Trying to make sure and do my daily contracts as well, as well as the Ubisoft Connect challenges, all to build up my Opal stash on the off-chance Reda actually sells something good (which this week he is selling two dragon-skinned Raven’s, which I grabbed).

Also been working through the River Raid content.

Basically, just trying to finish up everything before Dawn of Ragnarok comes out in early March, which I did recently pre-order and have been enjoying the Twilight set.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

As if Valhalla wasn’t enough, I’m trying to work in a little Odyssey each day as well.

The recent cross-over content is Destiny brought me back to the game. While I had beat the campaign and the first DLC episodes, there’s still a lot I didn’t get to back during my initial playthrough.

So, I’m mainly working on the rest of the expansion content (the Atlantis stuff) and also finishing up all the side quests I didn’t do and of course all the collectibles and whatnot. Trying to work towards the platinum trophy.

Of the three RPG Creed games, Odyssey remains my favorite. The world is absolutely phenomenal, and it has the best loot structure of the three games.

Assassin's Creed Origins Review SS04

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Yes, I also returned to Origins after the cross-over content came out. While that didn’t have anything directly to do with Origins, it did make me want to revisit the game.

Unfortunately, my 100% base game save file was on an old PS4 and I never uploaded it to PS+ cloud, so I’ve had to start over completely.

That’s actually been fine for me, because I never bought the expansions for Origins. So, on my original save file, I would’ve had nothing left to do without buying the other content.

I’ve been enjoying revisiting the world of ancient Egypt and working on getting this account leveled up. Hopefully the performance patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X isn’t too far away, and also hoping some cross-over content comes to Origins as well.

While Odyssey is my favorite of the three, there’s an awful lot that I prefer in Origins over the others with the biggest being the Outfit system instead of armor sets with bonuses and perks.


Destiny 2

Of course, I’ve played Destiny 2 this year. Thankfully, I’m not hooked on the game as I have been and honestly, I hope that continues.

I’ve been a Destiny addict since day one of the first game, and the first real big break I’ve taken from the franchise began in late October and has continued until now. Usually, new content and/or events are enough to bring me back completely, but that hasn’t happened with the 30th Anniversary content or the Dawning.

I think the new Dungeon is great, and the free Dares of Eternity activity is a lot of fun too, I’ve just had no desire for the Destiny grind. Right now, the game is only fun for me in short bursts (like a few hours a week) while playing in a group.

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with what Destiny continues to grow into and the design loop and hurdles around it.

While I’m excited for The Witch Queen, I have no confidence that it will bring me back fully like I always have come back to the franchise before.

Madden NFL 22

Got Madden for Christmas, and this is the last Madden game I’ve had since whatever the last one I reviewed was (which I believe was Madden 15, so it’s been a while).

Not playing a ton of it at the moment. A little bit of Ultimate Team stuff here and there. Mostly just playing a game or two every other night in my Franchise as coach of the Patriots.

I’m enjoying it enough. Will probably do me another few years before I “upgrade.” I’m not a big NFL guy, I am a NCAA football fan and when EA College Football comes back then that I will be a football game I get every year.



Warhammer Chaosbane – Slayer Edition

A late addition to the list, I just started playing this on the night of January 5th.

I picked up Warhammer Chaosbane on PS4 the year it launched, and only managed to play a little bit of it because of the aforementioned Destiny addiction.

I’ve been wanting to get back to it and couldn’t pass it up when I saw Wednesday that the PS5 Slayer Edition (which includes all the DLC content) was on sale for $15.

As I did when I started the game on PS4, I’ve started as Elessa, the ranged Wood Elf Scout. I love Diablo style ARPG’s like this, and while playing them I really enjoy the ranger bow using class; Elessa here, the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, etc.

Thus far, I’ve completed Act 1 and reached level 18 and have had a blast doing so. Will be in heavy rotation for the remainder of the month most likely, just behind the Creed games and just ahead of Destiny.

What games have you been playing so far here in the first week of 2022? Be sure and let us know in the comments below.

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