WWE Continues to Gut NXT With More Releases

The Black and Gold era of NXT is truly dead with numerous high-ranking NXT backstage talent getting released today.

WWE has released the following from NXT/Performance Center:

  • William Regal
  • Road Dogg
  • Ace Steel
  • Ryan Katz
  • Dave Kapoor
  • Scott Armstrong
  • George Carroll
  • Hideki Suzuki of Diamond Mine
  • Timothy Thatcher
  • Danny Burch
  • Cathy Corino
  • Sarah Cummins

Stinger’s View: As someone who has continued to enjoy NXT since the revamp, this is a bit much. Talent departures and change in appearance/direction is one thing, but now many of the key players behind the scenes being cut means the product won’t be the same in any respect.

How do you release William Regal of all people? A great coach, a great talent scout, a great mind for the business, and the best General Manager any brand of WWE has ever known. Boggles the mind to think they would release him.

I’d really love to know Triple H’s honest feelings about what has happened to NXT and the releasing of most of his people.

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