Destiny 2: How to Get Forerunner Exotic Sidearm

The 30th Anniversary celebration is live in Destiny 2, and it has brought an iconic Halo weapon into Destiny 2 in spectacular fashion.

The famed Halo: Combat Evolved’s Magnum has been reimagined inside Destiny 2 as the Forerunner, an exotic Sidearm that uses special ammo.

Acquiring the Forerunner is easy and can be gotten pretty quickly. You will need to own the 30th Anniversary Pack to get.

After completing your initial run through Dares of Eternity and finishing the quest To The Daring Go the Spoils, you can speak to Xur at his Treasure Hoard to acquire the Magnum Opus quest.

Step 1: Collect 7 Strange Coins

The first step is straightforward, acquire 7 Strange Coins.

You can get Strange coins from Dares of Eternity, strikes, crucible, gambit, bounties, public events.

You’ll get the seven required fairly quickly.

Step 2: Complete 3 Starhorse Bounties

You can visit the Starhorse in the Treasure Hoard to purchase daily or weekly bounties with your strange coins.

You can only hold one bounty at a time, and it must be completed during a single run of Dares of Eternity.

If you do daily bounties, you’ll need to complete three of them. A weekly bounty completion will count for two, so if you want to limit time do a daily and then a weekly for just two runs through the Dares.

Step 3: Reach Strange Favor Rank Brave

As you complete Dares of Eternity, you’ll earn rank with Xur in the form of Strange Favor. This operates just like Crucible or strike ranks.

Play Dares until you hit Brave, if you’re not already there by this point.

Once you hit Brave, which is rank 4, purchase the Strange Key (second reward) from Xur.

Step 4: Speak with Starhorse

Just go speak with the Starhorse.

Destiny 2 Strange Key Rock

Step 5: Insert the Strange Key

From the Treasure Hoard spawn, turn right and enter the purple haze to be teleported to Eternity Valley (Dares starting area).

From spawn, off to the front right you’ll see a stone structure with some rocks behind it. Walk around the rocks until you see the prompt to insert the key, and then follow the waypoint on screen (assuming you’re tracking the quest) through the rocks on the left side of the area.

Complete the little jumping puzzle, open the cryopod at the end of it.

Step 6: Speak with Banshee-44

All you have to do now is head to the Tower and speak with Banshee to get your Forerunner.

To get the catalyst, you’ll need to rank up to get to Strange Favor Rank 16 and grab the item from Xur.

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