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Patriot’s Playlist: Tom MacDonald Is The GOAT

We don’t do a whole lot of music related post here on the site, but will try to incorporate some going forward with the occasional “Patriot’s Playlist.”

I recently discovered an artist who, if I would’ve been told the genre and shown a picture of him, probably would’ve just brushed it off.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of the genre, at all. That genre being rap. Like a West Texas Redneck, my opinion has always been that “rap is crap.” Then again, most modern music is.

Turns out it wasn’t so much the genre that I didn’t like, but rather the message (or lack thereof) usually found in said rap music. As someone who usually focuses more on the lyrics over the actual music as well, it certainly didn’t help my opinion that most rap is mumble.

The genre is rap, and the artist is a guy with tattoos on his face. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not particularly a fan of tattoos, but especially think they are moronic when on the face or neck.

Never judge a book by its cover I guess. The artist’s name is Tom MacDonald and he pretty much became a favorite instantly.


His most recent song, “America,” was the first Tom MacDonald song I heard as it was recommended in the comments on a “conspiracy” site I occasionally visit.

Not only could I understand every word, but the song had an actual message and it certainly helped that it’s one I fully agree with.

This put me in what is called the “Tom MacDonald rabbit hole” on YouTube as I just kept following the next one that YouTube recommended.


“Snowflakes” was the next one, and sure enough I found nothing I didn’t agree with it.

I liked this one more than “America,” largely because I think it has a better beat and a better chorus. The message with both though, spot on.


“Brainwashed” was the third one I listened to, and I agreed with this one too.

Three songs in to what would be a lengthy binge I was already thinking that, while I like and appreciate the message and putting it out there, I don’t want to listen to largely the same thing over and over.

Would song four be any different?

Straight White Male

“Straight White Male,” while still political, became my favorite to this point.

It sounded different and was more comedic while still getting across a message that I identify and agree with.

I’m a straight white male myself and have long been tired of hearing about white privilege and how terrible white men are (especially if straight and “cis”).

While I was enjoying all of it, the fifth song broke up the pattern in a very pleasant way.


After all the political stuff, “Sober” was unexpected. Finally a personal song, and one with an uplifting message that can appeal and help a lot of people.

This was my first exposure to his girlfriend, the very talented Nova Rockafeller who does all of his videos (as well as raps herself), and also the rapper Madchild.

I’m fortunate enough to have never drank or done any drugs, so I can’t relate on that level, but the chorus and the ending are great.

“When you fall down, and the world is closing in, you can get up again.”

Respect for putting their stories out there too. Most people aren’t going to be that real.

The political stuff is nice to hear since the Internet and media in general is so-dominated by a minority far-left mindset, but this is the type of music that will keep me listening and not view as a gimmick.


YouTube does a great job with their algorithm as “Church” was a great one to hear after Sober to keep that ball rolling.

This one also features Nova Rockafeller, and first time hearing Brandon Hart who I’d say had the best verse of the song.

Again I don’t drink and never have, so can’t relate on that level. However, this song can apply to any vice so its easily relatable, and quite powerful.

As a Christian myself, the line Brandon had of “I keep talking to God but He don’t hear me, and my demons are there always listening” was one I think most of us can relate to.

Near the end, Tom has the bridge of “I can’t read, but the Bible’s still with me. My eyes can’t see from the bottles of whiskey. I don’t believe anybody will miss me. And I’m on my knees, tell me, God, are you listenin’?”

Judging by the amount of people in the comments who are relating to the song and that it is helping, I’d say God is listening and working through Tom.

This one was excellent and was a pleasant blending of genre instead of just being rap.


“Castles” wasn’t the next song that YouTube recommended, there were a few in between this and “Church” that were also great (“Angels” and some more political ones), but I’m not about to run down every single song in this post.

It was a long binge after all.

This one did become my favorite to this point though, and is still top two for me.

Music can influence and touch people, even though that sounds dumb. Most music these days, and for a long time, is complete garbage. Mainstream anyway; the kind that dominates radio airwaves and gets promoted.

You can track the decline of our society by how terrible and obscene the popular music has gotten over the past six or seven decades.

“Castles” is the type of song that people should be hearing on the radio, or should be performed at a sporting event.

If the message of this song was what got promoted and was popular, the country would be a better place.

Love everything about “Castles” the song and the video. Excellent.

I Wish

I’m going to end on this one, although we’re going to do more Tom MacDonald in future installments.

“I Wish” is the one that tops “Castles” for me. Of all the Tom MacDonald songs I’ve heard, which at this point is every one of them that has a video, this is my favorite.

“Church” and “Withdrawls” are excellent, but “I Wish” is the one I can relate too. This one speaks to me.

The chorus for this is phenomenal; “I wish on shooting stars, or were they satellites? Maybe they were too far, hey-oh-nah-nah. I must’ve blown apart a million dandelions. Now they don’t grow in my yard, hey-oh-nah-nah.”

The bridge at the end though couldn’t be more relatable; “I wish we were kids again. Before everything was on Instagram, hey-oh. The things were so simple then. Me, my tree fort, all of my friends. Way back when on Beaver Drive, when the floor was lava, I could fly, hey-oh. Wished I was big like them, never thought I’d wanna be a kid again.”

As far as I’m concerned, “I Wish” is perfection. I could throw this one on repeat and it’d take a long time before I got tired of it. Excellent song all around.

Mac Lethal Sucks

Call this one a bonus.

I know nothing about Mac Lethal, other than he apparently sucks. There’s no message in this one, but it’s fun and a great diss track.

As someone not above making a Chris Benoit reference in a joke, the “they’re gonna need a whole family of coffins when you Chris Benoit them to solve all your problems” line gets a big thumbs up from me.

The politically charged Tom MacDonald songs are great. On their own, probably not enough to make me a fan. The more personal songs and the ones with a deeper message were though.

This guy puts out something new, I’m going to listen to it. I can’t really say that about any other artist out there today, aside from maybe Lexi Walker.

People who know me well know that I typically prefer to listen to females, and more old school at that. With the exception of Lexi, most of the stuff I listen to these days is from the Andrews Sisters, Doris Day, Margaret Whiting and so forth. Male artists I typically listen to would be Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Andy Williams.

That’s all a vastly different style than Tom MacDonald, but then again also completely different from the stuff I listened to in high school (punk rock).

Sign me up for the Hang Over Gang! Tom MacDonald is, as the kids today say, straight fire or lit. Highly recommend checking out his stuff. Go subscribe to his YouTube and hit that bell to get the notifications. Do the same for Nova.

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