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Vienna Brothel Giving 30 Minutes Free For Getting Vaccinated

In Austria, 64% of the population is said to be fully vaccinated and new vaccinations are amongst the worst in western Europe.

To combat this, Fun Palast, a brothel in Vienna, is providing Covid vaccinations and giving those who come in to get it a voucher for a free visit to the brothel.

What is the voucher good for? A free 30-minute session in a “sauna club” with the “lady” of their choice.


Look at the poor dude in the image. He held out from taking an experimental, unnecessary, and inefficient (not to mention dangerous) vaccine this long but the temptation of 30 minutes free with a whore was all it took.

Austria is one of the countries taking a tyrannical approach to Covid this year, banning those unvaccinated from participating in many parts of the society and economy. Now quite Australia levels, but up there none the less.

Cases in the country were up a reported 9,943 in a 24-hour span, the worst since last November. How do they know this? PCR test of course, despite being highly unreliable for Covid. Numbers will rise when those who aren’t sick get tested anyway, and also as vaccinations go up.

Luckily I live in a fairly free state, and haven’t had to deal with a lot of the nonsense that many people around the world including here in the United States have had to.

Not going to take it, not going to to wear the mask. Certainly couldn’t be enticed by a nasty, tattooed prostitute like the in picture above.

The sad and disgusting dudes that got a vax for a free donut though have to be salty; could’ve gotten a blowjab.

Jokes aside, this is sad all around. Clown world.

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