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Peacebond God Roll Guide Destiny 2

Vortainment no longer exists as anything other than an archive of old content. For new content, please visit us at! Season of the Lost has introduced and reissued a bunch of weapons, including our first legendary Stasis weapons. We’re going to try and get guides out for all of these weapons over the coming weeks. While there’s a lot of good stuff this season, the two weapons that immediately grabbed my attention will be our first two god roll guides this season. First up is a Stasis sidearm from the Iron Banner, the Peacebond God Roll. I love sidearms in Destiny 2, in both PvP and PvE. They are criminally slept on in both activities and have been for a very long time. Peacebond immediately hooked me when I first fired it, and it wasn’t a great roll for me (under pressure/headstone). It’s also not my favorite archetype. Peacebond is an Adaptive Frame, 491rpm that fires a 3-round burst. My favorite sidearms are Adaptive Frame, but the single burst 300rpm ones. Think Drang, Keening, and Traveler’s Chosen being three of my favorites. If you liked the Europa sidearm High Albedo, it’s same type but a much cleaner and better feeling weapon. It’s worth grinding Iron Banner when it is available to get a good Peacebond, and luckily Season of the Lost will be the longest season we’ve had in Destiny 2 so there will be plenty of Iron Banner’s to farm one out (and of course they’ll still be in the pool in future seasons as well). For more of our Weapon God Roll Guides, click here.

Peacebond God Roll PvP

The 491rpm Adaptive’s have a fantastic Optimal TTK inside the crucible. With 100% crits, it can down a guardian with two bursts in 0.50 seconds. With Peacebond, it’s much easier to get that Optimal TTK than it is with others like High Albedo and the Omolon ones because the sight is so clean. You don’t have to deal with a lot of obstruction or muzzle flash. This is the Peacebond in its base form: Peacebond Destiny 2 Base Stats Base stats are very good, especially our stability which you can max out and in my experience it’s easier to get the two burst kill with a max stability one. I have two so far that I’m keeping for now, both with Rangefinder. One has Swashbuckler, the other has Harmony. The Swashbuckler one has 81 Stability, the Harmony one has 100 Stability. The Harmony one has 35 Range compared to the Swashbuckler’s 49 Range. Both have 100 Recoil. The Harmony one feels better and lands two bursts more frequently. So with that understanding, here’s the roll I’m chasing and what I’d consider my God Roll: Peacebond PvP God Roll Chambered Compensator increases our Stability to 90, decreases our Handling to 50, and maxes out Recoil at 100. Flared Magwell gives us 13 to Reload Speed and an additional 4 to Stability. With a Stability Masterwork, we achieve 100 Stability without needing Steady Rounds (which would give 13 to Stability but decrease Range by 5.) Rangefinder will increase the zoom by 10% and therefore increases effective range. Swashbuckler is our go to here because it’s easy to chain kills with a sidearm. Swashbuckler stacks up to 5 times. The damage increase buff last for 4.5 seconds and refreshes with each kill. At one stack, it’s 6.6% damage increase, 20% at three stacks and finally 33.3% at five stacks. You can get to five stacks by killing five guardians while keeping the buff active, or much easier by getting a melee kill. Harmony can be great. It acts a lot like Master of Arms on Recluse. After getting a kill with another weapon, Harmony will proc if you switch to Peacebond within 3 seconds and will last for 7 seconds. It gives a 20% damage increase and also an additional 15 Handling. Swashbuckler to me is easier to keep going and doesn’t require you to use another weapon to activate it. That’s why I have it as the preferred choice. However, Harmony can be downright nasty when utilized in conjunction with Surprise Attack Charge With Light and Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves on Hunter. If you use a Stasis subclass, then certainly Headstone is great and is definitely worth considering. I don’t use Stasis in PvP, so it’s not worth it for me for PvP purposes but is great for me on my Stasis Warlock in PvE content which we’ll get to in a bit. I like the 100 Stability, so this is the roll I want. With the same roll, a Range Masterwork will get you to 49 Range and 95 Stability. Could be good enough, and certainly if you’re on PC then you don’t need to care as much about stability. You might prefer Accurized Rounds and Iron Reach for a more consistent feel. The good news is, regardless of platform, you can’t really go wrong in the first perk column. Tunnel Vision, Subsistence, Pulse Monitor, Killing Wind, Range Finder and Under Pressure are all good to great perks. There’s nothing bad here. I wouldn’t mind having a Chambered Compensator, Flared Magwell, Killing Wind, Harmony Peacebond with a Stability Masterwork. You can slap on a Targeting Adjuster mod to get Aim Assistance up to 74, or Backup Mag to increase Magazine to 42 (essentially 5 extra shots).

Peacebond God Roll PvE

Our PvE God Roll is largely the same, but has one big difference. There’s also several ways you can go in the final slot, depending on what your build is. Peacebond PvE God Roll Our PvE roll still has Chambered Compensator, Flared Magwell, and a Stability Masterwork. This gets us 100 Stability and 100 Recoil Direction. The first perk slot goes to Subsistence. I didn’t mention it in the PvP section, but it’s great there too. It reloads 10-17% of the magazine per kill. This thing already shreds red bars, and when combined with Swashbuckler, Subsistence means you’re not going to have to reload for quite some time. It goes without saying then that Swashbuckler is our top choice in the final slot. However, with that said, there’s very little wrong here for PvE. As a CQC weapon, you’re always surrounded by enemies as so Surrounded with Surrounded Spec mod is great. If you have a grenade build, Demolitionist is excellent. Likewise if you’re running Stasis, and properly utilizing Stasis crystals, then Headstrong is also fantastic. So you have options, and it depends on what you want to do and what class you’re running. Swashbuckler is just the all around, melt everything choice that can compliment any build and not just certain ones. This season, Season of the Lost, you can rock an Unstoppable Mod for Sidearms, and yes sidearms are very useable in the hardest tiers of content. That’s my recommendation for the Peacebond God Roll for both PvP and PvE. What rolls are you using and/or chasing on the Peacebond. Let us know in the comments down below.

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