Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Showcase Teaser – Truth

Bungie has posted a quick teaser trailer for The Witch Queen ahead of the Showcase tomorrow at 11am CT.

Seven years of Destiny have led us to here – to the precipice of an adventure unlike any we’ve encountered before.

Join us and begin to understand what lies ahead. Will you survive the truth?

Tomorrow we’ll find out all about The Witch Queen and get the release date.

Of course tomorrow is also the start of Season 15, Season of the Lost. We’ll have full patch notes tomorrow, and then will begin pumping out guides and god roll breakdowns for the new loot plus new builds.

Don’t forget that tomorrow Bungie Names become a thing for cross-play, so for those that play on multiple platforms, you’re Bungie Name (i.e. your display name in game) will be your name on whichever platform that you log into first after the update tomorrow.

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