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Samoa Joe Is Back With WWE

Two months after being surprisingly released after WrestleMania, Samoa Joe is back with WWE and will be exclusively working NXT.

This according to a report from Mike Johnson over at

The rehiring of Joe was the work of Triple H, who was the one who got Joe to sign with NXT in the first place. Triple H wasn’t happy when Joe was released.

Samoa Joe suffered a concussion in February 2020 while filming a WWE commercial and had been working as a color commentator on RAW. He had reportedly been spotted at the Performance Center recently.

While Joe could eventually wrestle, as of now he is still medically uncleared to do so. He will have a behind-the-scenes role in NXT and could become either the brands new on-air General Manager, should William Regal depart the role, or as an Regal’s enforcer to help keep things under control.

We could potentially find out what Joe’s role might be as William Regal has declared its time for a chance after so much chaos and will be making an announcement tomorrow night.

Patriot’s Position: I know a lot of folks wanted to see Joe in AEW or New Japan, or back in Impact. I wasn’t one of those people; he should’ve never been released. So I’m glad he’s back and if he is not cleared to wrestle, then WWE is the best place for him. That he’s going to be back with NXT is even better.

It’s not a knock on Joe, because I’m a big fan, but I don’t want him to be a GM. William Regal is perfect in that role and I hope continues to stay in it. Tuesday should be interesting.

1 thought on “Samoa Joe Is Back With WWE”

  1. What kind of mess is WWE where people are getting fired and Triple H isn’t in the know about it? Who is making this decision? Khan? Vince? Some other idiots?


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