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5 Quality of Life Changes Destiny 2 Desperately Needs

While the Destiny franchise turns seven this year, Destiny 2 has been going strong for the past four of those years.

The game has evolved a lot since its rough 2017 launch; hell, you can’t even play the original Destiny 2 anymore thanks to the campaign and first two expansions being vaulted.

We know Destiny 2 itself has two named expansions to come, Witch Queen next year, and Lightfall likely the year after. We know there’s plans for more beyond that. Destiny 2 is, much more than the first one, a live-service game that will be a force for years to come. It’s not getting kicked aside for a Destiny 3.

So as Destiny 2 has many years left, and will undoubtedly change quite a bit, here are just five Quality of Life changes that we’d like to see in Destiny 2.

Destiny 1 Bounty

Remove Glimmer Cost From Bounties

The fact that picking up bounties costs Glimmer has bugged me ever since they were added in Destiny 2. Having that cost makes zero sense. A bounty is, in essence, a job for the vendor you acquire it from.

So why then do you have to pay Banshee to do the job he wants you to do?

The daily bounties are bad enough at 250 Glimmer each, but then the repeatable bounties costs a whopping 3,000 Glimmer each. How many times have you bought one of those, and then didn’t want to do that one? So you delete it, spend another 3,000 Glimmer and get it again. Rinse and repeat.

In Destiny 1, when let’s face it XP was much more important, bounties had no cost. You went to the Tower, picked them up and then went out and completed them. There was no need to pull out an exotic ship from the vault to dismantle it; you didn’t need to go to a vendor on another planet to exchange goods just to have Glimmer to do a bounty.

Removing the Glimmer cost to apply shaders to armor and weapons was a fantastic, and needed, change. Apply the same to bounties. You can still charge Glimmer to swap mods around, or purchase weapons, armor or mods from vendors.

Destiny 2 Pinnacle Drops

Pinnacle Drop Protection

This season, Bungie did most of us a solid and only upped the pinnacle power cap by 10. If you were at the 1310 cap last season, you only needed to grind out 10 power to hit the 1320 pinnacle cap this season.

That was a great change. I still think power should only increase for expansions, and not each season, but I get it. Bungie wants people playing and having that number go up keeps some folks playing.

But nothing is more frustrating, or kills the desire to play more, than receiving the same pinnacle drop multiple times. You’ve just hit 1318; your first Presage clear gets you a 1320 gauntlet. Sweet, an upgrade. The weekly Exo challenge gives you a 1320 gauntlet. You go and complete three games of Gambit, something you don’t want to do, and… you get 1319 gauntlets.

And when that happens, especially if you’re playing solo, you just want to stop playing. No one likes this.

Bungie claimed over a year ago that they were looking into it, and we’ve heard nothing yet.

Streamers, and people who play 18-hours a day and do all activities on all three characters, will always somehow hit the power cap within two weeks. The rest of us don’t like that a Master activity we were doing yesterday is suddenly 30-power higher than we are. Especially when you have to rely on RNG to “level up.”

Pinnacle drops should always be a guaranteed upgrade. I know there’s a few loud, but extreme minority, members of the community who thinks power level should be some prestigious thing that only the hardcore reach. I’m not one of those people.

The Third Axiom

Non-Pinnacle Drops Should Be At Power Level

This kind of goes along with the above, but once you’re into the pinnacle grind everything you do should drop loot at your current power level.

I’m 1320, my drops should all be 1320. I have a vault full of weapons I want to infuse, I shouldn’t have to rely on RNG loot drops from a handful of powerful/pinnacle sources.

If a random legendary pops out of a goblins butt, it should be 1320. If I get a reward from a public event or lost sector, it should be 1320. Something purchased from a vendor should drop at my current power level.

RNG on my weapon rolls or armor stats is totally fine, even a good thing, but RNG on my at level drops is absurd.

There’s no harm in letting people always get at power drops. Bungie should even let folks infuse armor cross-character like you could in Destiny 1.

I already don’t want to play my warlock in most activities, because I don’t enjoy the class. I certainly don’t want to have to deal with RNG drops to get him to a power level my other two characters are already at.

Destiny 2 Blues

Option To Auto-Dismantle Blues

Late in Destiny 1’s lifespan, Bungie added an option to auto-dismantle green drops (aka the uncommon). It was a most welcome change because the only thing those drops represented for folks were materials. The option to auto-dismantle them upon picking them up just cut out the player having to manually do it.

Destiny 2 showers players in supposedly rare quality gear. Inventory management and post master deleting is a mini-game to itself inside Destiny 2 anytime players spend just a little bit in strikes or crucible.

If these blues aren’t going to drop at power level, and thus be completely useless to the majority of players, then they should be automatically dismantled when you run over them or they go to the post master.

With the option enabled, instead of seeing a bunch of blues filling up your postbox after crucible, you’d just see a nifty little stack of weapon parts taking up a whole one slot.

Completely useless gear like blues shouldn’t be an inventory chore. Bungie knows all we’re doing is dismantling the garbage. Give us the option to save some time and automatically dismantle the trash.

Even if blues dropped at power level, which again they should, the option to enable or disable the auto-dismantle function should still exist.

Destiny 2 Max Prisms

Remove Limits on End-Game Currencies

Here’s a needless cap that’s designed to keep players on a level playing field in terms of end-game materials.

Bungie doesn’t want players to be able to hoard things like Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms or Ascendant Shards. So players are capped at 25, 50 and 10 respectively.

Except this arbitrary system of a supposedly level playing field doesn’t work. Those who grind high level Nightfall’s or go Flawless in Trials typically swim in fully upgraded armor, including all the exotics they have. That’s wonderful; if you play the game you should be able to do that.

When those players hit the cap and don’t have anything to spend their pile on, they just continue to accumulate it in their post master. This renders the limit useless, to those who can remember to manage their postbox effectively anyway.

Because they don’t stop the “Destiny rich” from hoarding them anyway, the limits should be removed. In addition, they need to become more accessible to the average solo player or even players who don’t want to just grind high level Nightfalls over and over again.

Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards need to have a chance at dropping from dungeon completions, solo legend and master lost sectors, and also a chance as a bonus reward from any powerful or pinnacle source.

What Would You Like To See?

That’s our five quality of life changes that Destiny 2 needs to add. Of course, there’s a lot more that Bungie can do and we may have another five coming in the future.

For now, we want to know what YOU think. Are these five changes you’d like to see? If not, why not? What are some changes that you’d like to see? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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