War for Wakanda Avengers

War For Wakanda Avengers Expansion Drops In August

Avengers, it’s almost time to assemble again… the War For Wakanda begins in August.

Square Enix has dropped a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers free expansion, War for Wakanda. This expansion take players to Wakanda, and a new hero joins the roster with the addition of Black Panther.

Before the War for Wakanda though, players will get a new story-based Cosmic Cube mission.

This mission will see the Avengers head to the Frozen Tundra where Scientist Supreme has created a weapon that bends reality to her will.

Scientist Supreme will also become a new Villain Sector, and goes live on June 22nd.

Also coming this Summer is Wasteland Patrols, where you’ll be able to freely explore the Wasteland for rewards and take on random and replayable boss fights in a large open map.

Patriot’s Position: I enjoyed Avengers, and still do. For a multiplayer game though, I just wish there was more of a multiplayer endgame. Sadly we still haven’t got raids. Nevertheless, I’ll certainly be hopping back into the game later this month to check out the Cosmic Cube. 

Here’s hoping War for Wakanda drops in early or mid August though. If it releases at the end of the month around the time of the next Destiny 2 season, well who knows when I’ll get around to it.

Let us know what you think about War of Wakanda, and Avengers in general, in the comments below. You can also discuss the game in our integrated forums.

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