Destiny 2 Daily Reset 6/12/2021


Last night, I got my first Destiny 2 Vault of Glass completion in. It was my third time going in, and second time this week making it to Atheon.

The raid itself is as fun as it was in Destiny 1, and also not hard at all. Problems my group the first two attempts had were people who don’t play often or don’t have the best weapons. Two of them never did the Vault in Destiny 1 either.

I’m not a big fan of the Atheon oracle change, where people outside need to call out the order. Killing them in order made for a better Oracle encounter, but it’s been a source of frustration at Atheon where I don’t think it needed it.

I enjoyed it though, and my Hunter got a helmet which was the last piece he needed to hit the 1320 pinnacle cap. Weapon wise, I’ve been stuck getting only Vision of Confluence, Found Verdict or Corrective Measure. I just want a Fatebringer with a good roll.

Anyway, here’s your Destiny 2 Daily Reset for Saturday, June 12th:

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