Destiny 2 Fatebringer God Roll Guide


On Saturday, May 22nd the iconic original Destiny raid Vault of Glass comes to Destiny 2 and with it some of the most beloved weapons in the franchise’s history.

Travel to Venus, for the first time in Destiny 2, to enter the Vault of Glass and come face to face with Atheon, Time’s Conflux once more.

The first in our Vault of Glass Weapon God Roll Guides is none other than Fatebringer, once the king of hand cannons.

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How To Get Fatebringer

We’ll update this section after the raid launches and people begin to acquire the weapon, but it can only be obtained from completing encounters in the Vault of Glass raid.

The original in Destiny 1 dropped from the Templar encounter on hard mode. While there will be no hard mode, we’ll have to wait and see if it drops from any encounter or is once again a Templar drop.

This is speculation, but I imagine there will be a chest that accepts Spoils of Conquests after completing the raid where you could spend Spoils to gamble on a new roll.

Fatebringer PvE God Roll

Hand Cannon’s aren’t what they once were inside of Destiny 2 as far as PvE content goes. They’re still good, and they’re still well represented, but in regards to weapons Destiny 2 is much different than Destiny 1.

Still, Fatebringer should be good inside of PvE content with this roll:

The Destiny 2 version of Fatebringer is different from the original in that it has barrel options and not sight options.

These perks get us the following stats:

This is the Destiny 1 roll. It doesn’t have Outlaw because the weapon trees are setup different, but Firefly giving increased reload speed for precision kills works out similar enough.

Explosive Payload is always great on hand cannons and scout rifles.

Having said that, there is another perk in that node that’s brand new and right only on Vault of Glass weapons. Rewind Rounds refills the magazine from reserves based on the number of hits once the magazine is empty.

That should be great, but I can’t judge based on how it sounds. Will have to see it in action.  Fatebringer has a base mag size of 11, and if Rewind Rounds reloads 11 bullets if you get 11 hits (don’t need to be precision) then that’s awesome and would be great, but I still don’t think it’d be better than Explosive Payload in higher endgame content.

Rewind Rounds will likely pair very well with Frenzy as a nice alternative PvE roll.

I also wouldn’t mind having an Osmosis/Kill Clip roll.

Fatebringer PvP God Roll

Inside of PvP, I’ll keep Smallbore, Accurized Rounds and Explosive Payload. Will substitute out Firefly for, you guessed it, Kill Clip.

Damage increasing perks are always fantastic, and especially so when ran with High Energy Fire Charged With Light builds.

If I got the first three perks though, I wouldn’t mind having either Eye of the Storm or Opening Shot in the final node either. There’s a number of ways you could go.

You could even replace Explosive Rounds with either Killing Wind or Tunnel Vision. There’s a number of great rolls to chase that all have their strengths.

Will be grinding Vault of Glass each week hoping to acquire a god roll Fatebringer? If so, what roll do you want and which activity are you most planning on using it in? Let us know in the comments below.