Destiny 2 Iron Banner God Roll Guide – Occluded Finality


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This season, Season of the Splicer, Bungie has added two new weapons and reissued two year one weapons to the Iron Banner loot pool.

On the reissued front, we have a Aggressive Frame Arc energy sniper rifle called Occluded Finality.

Occluded Finality first came to Destiny 2 the Warmind expansion back in Season 3. Like all the weapons from that time, it had a static roll with its sole trait being Field Prep.

Now it’s back, with random rolls (and Field Prep is not one of the options) and will likely see more use in PvP than PvE, though it wouldn’t be a bad choice during Arc burn content in PvE.

You can acquire Occluded Finality as post game drops during the Iron Banner, as a reward from Iron Banner bounties, or by turning in Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin.

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Occluded Finality PvP God Roll

For PvP, I recommend this roll:

Here we have, going left to right:

These perks get you the following stats:

In PvP, unless you’re like me and main a Dragon Shadow Hunter, Snapshot is almost a must have. It’s an S-Tier perk and what you want unless laning while hard scoped is your thing, in which case you’d want No Distractions (which is also very good).

Opening Shot is of course excellent on a sniper and will give you that little extra bit of assistance even if you didn’t actually hit that head shot.

Snapshot is the winner in the first trait node, but a case could be made for No Distractions and if you miss a lot a shots even Mulligan. My God Roll recommendation is Snapshot with Opening Shot and that’s the roll I want.

But, because I do main Dragon Shadow, I also want a roll with No Distractions (or Under Pressure) and Opening Shot.

Occluded Finality PvE God Roll

For PvE, the roll I’d recommend is:

The first Iron Banner of Season of the Splicer begins on May 18th.

Are you going to be grinding for an Occluded Finalty? Let us know in the comments below if you are, and what roll you’re chasing or let us know what your personal god roll is.