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Destiny 2 Iron Banner God Roll Guide – Finite Impactor

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This season, Season of the Splicer, Bungie has added two new weapons and reissued two year one weapons to the Iron Banner loot pool.

On the reissued front, we have a 140rpm Arc energy hand cannon called Finite Impactor.

Finite Impactor first came to Destiny 2 the Warmind expansion back in Season 3. Like all the weapons from that time, it had a static roll with its sole trait being Snapshot.

Now it’s back, with random rolls (and Snapshot is not one of the options) and will likely see more use in PvP than PvE though it’s not going to be meta anywhere.

You can acquire Finite Impactor as post game drops during the Iron Banner, as a reward from Iron Banner bounties, or by turning in Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin.

Before we begin, you can check out our other Destiny 2 weapon god roll guides here.

Finite Impactor PvP God Roll

For PvP, I recommend this roll:

Finite Impactor God Roll Perks

This roll is geared towards console PvP players who mostly Quick Play. I think there is are viable competitive rolls for this and I’ll recommend those as well.

So we have, reading left to right with the selected perks above:

  • TrueSight HCS – Increases Range, Stability, and Handling
  • Ricochet Rounds – Rounds ricochet off surfaces, increases Range and Stability
  • Tunnel Vision – Reloading after a kill greatly increases target acquisition and aim down sights speed for a short duration
  • Multikill Clip – Reloading grants increased damage based on number of rapid kills made beforehand
  • Range Masterwork

You can see why this roll is geared towards Quickplay. It’s not built for consistency as this roll has nothing helping it until you actually get a kill. So it’s all about chaining kills with two perks that proc on reload.

These perks give us the following stats:

Finite Impactor God Roll Stats

I’m also interested in a Heating Up/Multikill roll, which might even be better. Tunnel Vision sounds like it would be better for a hand cannon, but I’ll need to play with both to see which feels the best and would be the most consisent.

For a more competitive setting, I’d recommend the following roll:

  • TrueSight HCS
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Firmly Planted (Increased accuracy, stability and handling when firing while crouched) OR Slideways (Sliding partially reloads the weapon’s mag and temporarily boosts handling and stability)
  • Eye of the Storm (becomes more accurate and boosts handling as health lowers) OR Elemental Capacitor (increased stats based on current subclass)

Elemental Capacitor mainly if you’re rocking Void, and it pairs well with Firmly Planted (even Stasis though the two don’t synergize).

As a Hunter who uses Dragon Shadow with 100 mobility, I’m also interested in a Slideways/Iron Grip roll. Iron Grip massively improves stability at the cost of reload speed, but that reload speed hit doesn’t matter when you have Wraithmetal Mail procced on Dragon’s Shadow. And Stability is important on console/controller.

For PvE, I wouldn’t use it because there are better options but the God Roll recommended above for QuickPlay would be great in PvE where you’d keep both Tunnel Vision and Multikill Clip procced 95% of the time.

Unless you have bounties stored from previous Iron Banner’s and got lucky, your first chance to get (or begin farming for) Finite Impactor is Tuesday, May 18th when the first Iron Banner of Season of the Splicer begins.

Are you going to be grinding for a Finite Impactor? Let us know in the comments below if you are, and what roll you’re chasing or let us know what your personal god roll is.

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