Next Week in Destiny 2 (5/11/2021) – Season of the Splicer Begins


Next week in Destiny 2, at reset on Tuesday, May 11th, Season 14 (Season of the Splicer) begins!

The Kell of Light, Mithrax, returns and with his help Guardians will take the fight to the Vex to put a stop to the Endless Night and save the City!

The new 6-player matchmade activity, Override, goes live on Europa. There will be new a new Stasis Aspect quest available as well.

Armor Synthesis arrives in Destiny 2. Visit Ada-1 in the Tower to transmog your gear through the new system.

Defeat Belmon, Transcendent Mind in the Glassway Nightfall: The Ordeal.

Team Scorched returns to the Crucible!

Go get new loot out of Umbral Engrams and the Override activity. Plus the seasonal ritual weapon is the Fusion Rifle Null Composure. Three new weapons join the post-game reward pool for Gambit, Crucible and Strikes as well.

New Destiny 1 reprised weapons make their debut as the Nightfall: The Ordeal drops including the Hung Jury scout rifle.

Also dropping next week alongside the new season is Update 3.2.0.

Next Tuesday, May 11, maintenance for the deployment of Update 3.2.0 will begin. Below is a timeline of events:

Below are some issues that will be resolved with Update 3.2.0. A complete list will be shared when the update goes live.