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Outriders: Technomancer Pestilence Build For CT15

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been playing and enjoying Outriders for the past couple of weeks.

Now that the game seemingly has its issues with servers and inventory wiping behind it, it’s a really good time to be playing and enjoying the game.

In the demo, I loved playing Technomancer because it was sold as the “Long Range” class and that’s what I’m all about. So of course I’ve been a Techno main since.

After wrapping up the story and hitting the level cap and world tier 15 within a couple of days of launch, I began moving through the CT’s for Expeditions, mostly solo.

I solo’d a CT12 and then People Can Fly dropped some nerfs and completely gutted my build. I went from doing 12’s to not even being able to get a decent score on a 7. My damage was cut in half and I couldn’t take any damage whatsoever.

And of course I complained about the nerfs, like most of the community. Looking back now, yeah I’d agree that it was probably too powerful. Because I had terrible gear and was having relative ease mowing through the content.

Now I have decent to good gear, not perfect or fully optimized, and can easily hit gold on 90% of the expeditions. There’s a few I haven’t attempted solo, like Eye of the Storm, and some that I just don’t like to do.

Below is a picture of the character I’m running right now. It’s not super optimized or difficult to put together. I have no legendaries equipped and only two Tier 3 mods, neither of which were needed to do CT15 at silver or bronze.

Technomancer Character Sheet

For my primary weapons, I have Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle rerolled to Tactical. The Firepower ended up being 356 or so, and when taken to 50 and made epic, Firepower ended up being 89K. People have it 94K or above, frankly I got tired of farming it. This one is good enough for me. The mods I have on it are Bone Shrapnel, of course, and the Tier 3 mod Fortress (Receive up to 43% damage bonus based on your Armor). I don’t have the Killing Spree mod yet, otherwise I’d use it instead.

I also have the ECA-B AR Sunscorched Tactical at 91.4K Firepower. It has Armor Pierce, Status Power, Healing Received… so not optimal, but the highest power weapon I have gotten. It’s mods are Ruler of Leeches (Killing shots increase Weapon Leech by 20% for 20 seconds) and Fortress. I switch to this only if Blighted Rounds runs out on the Earthborn.

Sidearm doesn’t matter.

As for the Armor:


  • Anomaly Power
  • Close Range Damage
  • Long Range Damage
  • Trick Up the Sleeve – While Blighted Rounds is active, killing shots grant you 30% extra bullets in your mag.
  • Bloodlust – Killing shots increase your Firepower by 17,505. Stacks up to 3 times and deteriorates every 10 seconds.

Upper Armor:

  • Bonus Firepower
  • Close Range Damage
  • Long Range Damage
  • Euthaniser – Tier 3 mod – Deal 25% more damage against enemies afflicted by Toxic.
  • Damage Absorber – Increases your Armor by 52,659 and Resistance by 10%.

Lower Armor:

  • Bonus Firepower
  • Close Range Damage
  • Long Range Damage
  • Spare Mag – Blighted Rounds is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown.
  • Rejuvenation – Recieve 14,518 Firepower, 7,005 Anomaly Power and 40,957 Armor bonus for 8 seconds whenever your Health is replenished. 10 second cooldown.


  • Max Health
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Skills Life Leech
  • Mitigation From Death – Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants 45,638 points of Amor for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Radical Therapy – Deal 15% more damage against enemies afflicted by Toxic.


  • Bonus Firepower
  • Status Power
  • Long Range Damage
  • Toxic Lead – Killing enemies afflicted with Toxic will instantly replenish 40% of ammo in your magazine.
  • Emergency Stance – Attain Golem protective effect for 4 seconds whenever your Health drops below 30%. 10 second cooldown.

I could have better Gloves, but overall I’m good with this setup. There are some Tier 3 mods that I would like to have, one of which I would switch out Trick Up The Sleeve for.

And I could do away with some of the survival focused mods more damage ones, but I don’t really see the need. I can comfortably solo gold most things, and dying is almost impossible unless you let it happen or get stunlocked and trapped on some texture.

But the point is, you don’t need god tier gear and perfect rolls to solo gold CT15. You need some good gear, sure, and have mods that synergize with one another and make sense for the build. I prioritized staying alive and worked my way to the damage mods, and now sit in a good spot between DPS and Tank. I’m not the Ultimate Shredder nor the Unkillable Monster, but can kill mobs fast enough to gold CT15 solo while taking and blocking a lot of damage.

For the Skills, of course we’re going pretty standard top tree Techno here:

  • Blighted Turret – Place an automated turret that deals 3,606 damage and inflicts Toxic onto enemies. Mine has a 7.1 second cool down, and I redeploy it every chance I get because of the Class Point node Empowering Antenna (Activated Decay increases Weapon Damage for you and allies by 40% for 10 seconds).
  • Cold Snap – Drop a gadget to inflict Freeze onto all enemies within a large radius around you. 25.4 second cooldown. I used to use this for defensive reasons to escape a bad situation. Now I use it to group enemies and more often to easily line up crit shots on elites since I play on PS5 and aiming with a controller isn’t the easiest thing to do in this game.
  • Blighted Rounds – Fill your current weapon’s magazine with decay-infused bullets that inflict Toxic onto enemies. Enemies within a small radius of the main target also receive Toxic and 50% of damage. The skill last until your reload or switch weapons. 53.4 second cooldown.

Of course Blighted Rounds is the star of the show. Yes, it was nerfed. But it wasn’t over-nerfed, and is still extremely powerful and you can still have infinite ammo with it. It’s a top tier skill, and we’re specced heavily into it (Blighted Rounds mods, Toxic Lead, Radical Therapy, and Euthaniser.

Here’s the Class Point tree that I’m using:

Outriders Technomancer Pestilence Build

And that’s the current setup I’m using right now for my Technomancer. It’s more built towards solo play, but of course it’s going to perform extremely well in group play as well.

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