Destiny 2 – The Third Axiom God Roll Guide


Legendary / Energy / Pulse Rifle

“Don’t tell me the odds.”

The Third Axiom is an Arc Energy legendary pulse rifle introduced into Destiny 2 during Season of the Chosen as a strike playlist specific weapon.

It has the Adaptive Frame intrinsic trait; it has a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.



How To Get The Third Axiom

As a Vanguard Strike playlist exclusive weapon, the only way to acquire The Third Axiom is from a random chance at the chest at the end of a strike.

The weapon cannot be acquired from Vanguard rank up packages.

Strike playlist drops are not guaranteed and there are currently three strike exclusive weapons, so be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time farming strikes.

To increase your chance of receiving a strike playlist drop, be sure to equip the Vanguard Prosperity activity mod on your Ghost for a cost of 3 energy.

The final two perk nodes on The Third Axiom each have 12 possible perks, so the odds of getting a specific roll are slim.

PvE Roll Recommendations


Odds of getting a good barrel option are pretty good. I recommend shooting for stability for controller users, and range if MnK. Recoil also nice.

Our top choices here are thus: Arrowhead Brake (maxes out recoil at 100, and bumps Handling up to 62), Smallbore (adds +7 to both Range and Stability), Polygonal Rifling (adds +10 Stability) and Chambered Compensator (+10 to Stability and Recoil, and -5 to Handling). Corkscrew Rifling and Extended Barrel are also both decent but not preferred.


Ricochet Rounds is, as usual for me, the best in slot here giving the +5 to Range and +10 to Stability while also allowing rounds to ricochet off hard surfaces.

High Caliber Rounds is always a solid choice for the extra flinch/knock back and +5 to Range. Flared Magwell is also very good giving a +5 to Stability and +15 to Reload Speed.

Finally, Appended Mag is decent giving a +20 to Magazine.

Trait #1

We have 12 options in this node and of course they aren’t all good ones so good luck getting the roll you want. These are the 12 possibilities for this slot: Surplus, Killing Wind, Feeding Frenzy, Moving Target, Zen Moment, Quickdraw, Slideways, Genesis, Rangefinder, Subsistence, Hip-Fire Grip, and Slideshot.

Surplus is my overall top choice here as it grants a nice increase to Handling, Stability and Reload Speed for each fully charged ability and is always very nice to have unless you spam your abilities.

Killing Wind also is a solid choice giving increased mobility, range, and handling for a short duration after every kill meaning while in combat it’s almost always active.

Feeding Frenzy pairs well with damage dealing perks in the second trait slot, but isn’t quite as good as it once was. It’s still always a solid choice to speed up reloading though.

Any of the above three are good to have, but if you spam your abilities then I’d recommend Zen Moment over Surplus because it’s always going to be a consistent feeling when you’re doing damage and not be dependent on having an ability charged.

Finally, Genesis is a solid choice, if and only if, you get Disruption Break in the second tree because they synergize well together.

Trait #2

We have 12 possibilities in this node as well, and they also aren’t all good ones. The 12 possibilities are: Multikill Clip, Rampage, One For All, Unrelenting, Thresh, Sympathetic Arsenal, Dragonfly, Disruption Break, Opening Shot, Headseeker, Vorpal Weapon, Elemental Capacitor.

Of course, Multikill Clip and Rampage are always going to be fantastic choices and I’d say either is what you want here as far as general usage goes. I’d rather have Multikill Clip, but would be just as happy with Rampage.

The only other option that I’d recommend for PvE in this tree is Disruption Break, especially if you use a kinetic sniper rifle or shotgun. Dragonfly could be decent as well, but definitely isn’t a preffered perk.

The rest of the options are, in my opinion, quite medoicre inside of PvE. I love Vorpal on some weapons, not on so much on this pulse.

Elemental Capacitor if you run a void subclass could be good, but inside of PvE I wouldn’t want to trade off extra damage for 20 stability.

Patriot’s PvE God Roll Recommendation:

The roll I’m chasing is as such: Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, Surplus and Multikill Clip. Coincidentally, this is also the roll I recommend for PvP as well, but there are other rolls that we’ll briefly go over for Crucible purposes.

For Masterwork I’d prefer Stability, but would be quite happy with Reload Speed or even Range.

There is a secondary roll that I’d love to have, specifically for PvE purposes only:

Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, Genesis and Disruption Break.

With this roll, when you break an enemies shield your Third Axiom is reloaded and you’re doing bonus damage with your kinetic weapon for a short time. Of course it is especially effective against Arc shielded enemies and would be very beneficial in Match Game activities with lots of arc shields.

Patriot’s PvP God Roll Recommendation:

As mentioned above, my God Roll for PvP is the same as it is for PvE: Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, Surplus and Multikill Clip.

There’s no change to my thoughts on the Barrel and Magazine options between PvE and PvP.

In PvP, Moving Target is pretty good giving you increased movement speed and target acquisition (aka aim assistance).

Zen Moment is also of course a very solid option in the first trait tree.

In regards to the second trait tree, it’s hard to get away from Multikill Clip or Rampage. So those remain pretty much the only options I care about inside of PvP.

Some folks like Headseeker. This isn’t a hard gun to hit headshots with and I personally don’t like having to aim at the body just to get a little bonus precision damage. So I don’t like Headseeker, if you do then great.

Vorpal gives some extra damage against enemies in their Super, which at the moment is extremely and annoyingly frequent inside of Crucible, but given movement abilities and range of a lot of these roaming supers challenging one with a pulse rifle probably isn’t the best play. I’d rather have a perk that is more consistently beneficial.

If you want the ultimate consistency, then Elemental Capacitor is a top choice here if you play on a Void subclass (like I do as a top tree Nightstalker).

Our secondary PvP roll recommendation is as such:

Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, Moving Target and Elemental Capacitor.

Do you have a Third Axiom with a roll we didn’t mention that you’re enjoying, or are you just having terrible luck getting a decently rolled one? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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