EA Sports College Football

EA Sports Is Making A College Football Game

It missed an entire console generation, but EA Sports is finally making another College Football game that will simply be called “EA Sports College Football.”

This according to ESPN who spoke with EA Sports vice president and general manager, Daryl Holt and by the EA Sports twitter:

There is not a date attached to the game’s release or even when it will be officially announced except to say it won’t be this year.

Over 100 teams will be in the game and EA Sports has partnered with CLC to ensure that FBS schools, traditions, uniforms and playbooks will be accurately represented in the game.

Of course the game will not have rosters that include the names, images, or likeness of actual college players due to current NCAA rules but those rules could change.

EA Sports is in the beginning process of development, building out the team and the direction they want to take the game.

“What we had as plans for growth and expansion of our portfolio, college football has always been at the top of my list, personally, working with the Tiburon Studio where it was made,” Holt said. “So it was an easy conversation internally to say, ‘Here is how we would approach it design wise, and here’s how we can move that forward.’

“That’s been going on for a while and certainly wasn’t a ‘Wait to see what happens here,’ even as continued legislation gets proposed. It’s more around what we think we can do around the game and for our [game] players.”

This has been a long time coming, as the last NCAA game released in 2013. Seems like we’re still a couple of years out, but at least now we know there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that we’ll relatively soon be getting an authentic college football experience from EA Sports .

In the meantime, Maximum Football is a fun alternative with a much, much smaller budget and team.

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