Outriders Delayed To April 1st

Square Enix announced yesterday that Outriders has once again been delayed.

Originally set to release in December, the launch was pushed back to February 4th. Now the game has been pushed back to April 1st, and that’s supposedly no joke.

A free demo will release on February 25th that will give everyone access to the first few hours of the game, all four classes, solo and co-op play, and all progress will carry over to the full game when it releases.

Here’s the full statement:

Happy New Year. We believe it’s important that players get to experience a new IP like Outriders before release, so that you can decide for yourselves whether the game is something you wish to pre-order, purchase or play.

For this reason we’re excited to announce that on February 25th 2021 we will be publishing a free demo, giving everyone the chance to play the first few hours of the game with all four classes – in both single player and co-op – along with seamless migration of your character and progress to the full game.

Speaking of which, we have decided to move the release date of Outriders to April 1st 2021 (no joke!). We will spend this extra time fine tuning the game and focusing on delivering a fantastic play experience at launch.

Thanks for hanging tight a little longer – we appreciate your patience!

Smith’s Sentiment: That’s a bit of a bummer because I was pretty excited to start playing this in February, but it’s never a bad thing when a game gets more time to be polished. Take all the time you need to get the game in the state it needs to be in. I think everyone is tired of looters launching in terrible states.

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