Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas & New Year Update

Wanted to take a minute and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

2020 has been a mostly terrible year for everyone. Just a few days left and we can say good riddance to it, and hope and pray that 2021 is better.

My dad had a pretty bad heart attack in March and had to have open heart surgery with six bypasses. COVID was just getting started and hospitals were only allowing one visitor at the time which was my mom. Surgery went well, and then immediately after he went into shock and coded. Got him back and my brother and I were allowed to go see him, where the doctor gave him two hours to live.

The Lord performed a miracle that day, and it slowly began getting better after the doctor had said that and that there was nothing else they could do. He ended up spending four weeks in the hospital, two of which he was sedated and on a ventilator. With the exception of the day of the surgery and the next day, he had to endure all of that alone since the hospital had switched to zero visitor policy. Which considering the only visitors allowed were for those of patients expected to die soon, not being allowed to visit was a good thing.

Over nine months since getting out, he’s back at work and doing very well and generally back to his old self. So while 2020 has been terrible, it could’ve been a lot worse for my family and in a way it’s been pretty good because we got a miracle from God.

Site wise, this has been the best year since 2014 and that makes it our second best year. Views and visitors to the site are way up compared to the previous years, we published almost 500 posts, and financially the site made it’s second highest amount coming in at almost $200 which is of course more than enough to fund the site for another year. Most of the success of the year is owed to the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Speaking for another year of the site being around, 2021 should be even better for the site. We’re in a good place right now, and will be expanding.

Of course that means a lot more Destiny 2 content in the form of guides for seasonal stuff, but we’re also going to be getting back to frequent reviews. We slacked on that for the past several years, but in 2020 we reviewed 12 games, 10 of which was after August. That should continue and will hopefully double the amount of reviews in 2021 and maybe even bring back movie reviews too.

On the YouTube front, we relaunched our channel in late September. I set a goal of 75 subscribers by the end of the year, and we blew past that currently at 107 with a week left in the year. Will hopefully hit 110 before the new year. If you’re not a subscriber, check out the channel and consider hitting that button for us.

Currently we have mostly broadcast sims of college football games recorded in Maximum Football 2020. Those will continue for a little while and then pick back up later next year. More non-simulation stuff will be coming in the new year including Destiny 2, Outriders, maybe some wrestling stuff, and I will be starting up late night streaming of various games on the YouTube channel in 2021 as well.

We’ve had a good year, and we thank you for that. We’re going to improve and expand in 2021 and our goal is to make it our best year yet.

Again, Merry Christmas to all of you and we hope you have a Happy New Year and also that you’ll continue to frequent the site and hopefully engage with us (leave some comments). Follow us on Twitter if you aren’t, and give us a Like on Facebook too please.

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