SEC Championship 2020 Simulation

SEC Championship 2020 Simulation: Alabama vs. Florida

Tomorrow, #1 Alabama does battle with #7 Florida to determine the 2020 SEC Champion.

It’s a battle of two high-octane offenses led by Heisman-candidate quarterbacks and strong also defenses.

Our YouTube channel is filled with broadcast simulations of college football games captured in Maximum Football 2020.

Check out our simulation of the SEC Championship game below; although the real game will likely see each time scoring more points than they did here.

We just recently cracked 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel. Our original goal was 75 by the end of the year, so that we’re already above 100 is exceeding the goal. Thank you to those who have subscribed to the channel, and if you aren’t a subscriber please consider helping us out and hitting that subscribe button.

We’ll have more Championship Simulations coming today and tomorrow, and will of course have a lot of Bowl and CFP simulations coming as well.

Next year we’ll have more variety of content on the channel and our livestreams will be starting up on the YouTube channel as well.

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