Destiny 2 The Dawning – Cold Front God Roll Guide

The Dawning’s return has given Guardians the opportunity to acquire the kinetic SMG called Cold Front, the heavy machine gun Avalance, and the brand new fusion rifle Glacioclasm.

Earlier we posted our God Roll Guide for Glacioclasm, linked above, and now we’re turning our attention to Cold Front.

Note that “God Roll” is subjective. What one considers a god roll might not be what another player would; playstyle and intended activity usage would play a roll in that.

And also note that we’re coming at this from the perspective of a console users. These guides are aimed more at console players, or controller users. Not saying that they wouldn’t be good on PC too, but that’s not a platform I play and the game handles differently on PC than it does console.

This God Roll Guide will feature a roll for PvE and PvP. Now let’s get started with the guide for the returning Cold Front.

Cold Front The Dawning

Cold Front is an Aggressive Frame kinetic SMG from Hakke. If you miss the sunsetted Antiope-D, this will be something you’ll want… at least feel wise, perks may be a different story and they are different archetypes.

Cold Front first released in The Dawning last year during Season of the Dawn. Old versions are power capped at 1260 (i.e. this season) and could roll with different perks. Versions earned during this Dawning, despite having the Season of Dawn logo, have a power cap of 1410.

You have a chance to get the weapon from the “Gift In Return” that you will occasionally receive from vendors after giving them a Dawning gift. These gifts always contain a Dawning weapon, but of course you have no way of targeting a specific weapon. Just bake and deliver a lot of cookies.

Here are the base stats for Cold Front:

Cold Front Stats

If you’ve seen folks with Cold Front’s with Kill Clip or Vorpal Weapon, Feeding Frenzy or Zen Moment and wanted one well you’re out of luck. Cold Front’s this year can’t roll with those perks or six other perks that were in the pool last year.

It remains to be seen what’s going to happen, but currently Cold Front can roll with Dragonfly. That’s not supposed to happen and Bungie is investigating. Hopefully they don’t mess with it and just let it be as a unique thing to this special event weapon, especially since it doesn’t make it OP or anything.

If you get a roll with Dragonfly, hold onto it and see what Bungie does. It’s worth keeping just for the oddity of it.

Polygonal Rifling/Smallbore/Fluted Barrel – Tactical Mag/Steady Hands – Surplus/Dynamic Sway Reduction – One For All/Rampage/Surrounded/Unrelenting/Dragonfly

As you can see, you’ve got options. Stability on this thing is absolute garbage, and each the barrel and magazine options listed will boost stability which is especially important on console. Surplus or Dynamic Sway also will boost that stability.

In the last slot, Dragonfly is the novelty. If you use the Wrath of Rasputin armor mod, procing Dragonfly with Cold Front can spawn warmind cells because it counts as solar splash damage. You can do it; I’d say just use the Seraph SMG or even better the IKELOS SMG and save the mod slot for something better than Wrath of Rasputin, but the point is it can do it.

Rampage is always a great option. Unrelenting will give you health back when rapidly defeating enemies and SMG’s tend to chew threw red-bars pretty quickly. Surrounded is a solid option because these are close range weapons.

Any combination of the above with One For All in the last slot would be my preferred “God Roll” for PvE though. Reason being, Rampage requires kills and One For All just requires you to hit three targets. The buff is also just better damage wise because you can pair it with something like Minor Spec and not need to use Rampage Spec.

The roll I personally want the most  for PvE is Polygonal/Tactical Mag/Surplus/One For All.

I’ve gotten about seven of these to drop so far, none have had One For All or Rampage though, so at this point I’d be happy with either of them.

Now for PvP, you’re looking at a 0.67 optimal TTK. The keyword there is optimal, most of us certainly won’t find it consistently practical. That requires heading 9 crits and 0 body shots. If you land nothing but body shots, the TTK jumps up to a 1.00 and requires 13 shots.

Of course you can wiggle room it here with Rampage and Charged With Light with the High Energy Fire mod.

My PvP God Roll would be:

Polygonal Rifling/Smallbore/Fluted Barrel – Tactical Mag/Steady Hands – Surplus – Rampage

It’s always nice when the PvE and PvP rolls go hand in hand. Given the range making you need to be close, I obviously wouldn’t want One For All on the PvP roll because one stack of rampage is going to be much easier to get than One For All ever would be.

One For All is S-tier for PvE, and in my opinion is F-tier on this weapon for PvP.

For either mode, preferred masterwork would be Stability or Reload Speed.

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