Lexi Walker

Love is Christmas – Performed by Lexi Walker

The amazingly talented and lovely Lexi Walker has released a fantastic cover of the Sara Bareilles song “Love Is Christmas.”

Check out the video below. I don’t listen to very many modern artists, mostly because its all junk, but Lexi is an absolute favorite of mine. Highly, highly recommend everything she puts out.

I sang “Love is Christmas” by Sara Bareilles for A Little Love Village event. They are a non-profit that serves the special needs community. Whether the needs are hidden or visible, they believe that no one should deal with these challenges alone. Their organization is there to provide support, love and joy to all they can.

Consider supporting this organization by purchasing a ticket to the concert that I was in with performances also by: One Voice Children’s Choir, Vocal Point, Alex Boye, Ohana Entertainment and Toa Afi, Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band, Mat & Savanna Shaw, Duo Transcend, Friend to Friend and other surprise visitors.

You can purchase a digital copy of the broadcast here:

A Christmas Lovetacular Broadcast – A Little Love Village

Love is Christmas Lyrics
I don’t care if the house is packed
Or the strings of light are broken
I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped
Or there’s nothing here to open
Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it
Love is simply joy that I’m home
I don’t care if the carpet’s stained we’ve got food upon our table
I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable
Love is who we are, and no season can contain it
Love would never fall for that
We sing oo
Let love lead us, love is Christmas
Why so scared that you’ll mess it up? When perfection keeps you haunted
All we need is your best my love, that’s all anyone ever wanted
Love is how we do, let no judgment overrule it
Love I look to you, and I sing
Let love lead us, love is Christmas
Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Guitar: Michael Van Wagoneer
Producing/Mixing: Marko-G
Video: Chris Meek

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