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Destiny 2 Beyond Light How To Get Hawkmoon

With today’s Update 3.0.1, the Destiny 1 classic exotic handcannon Hawkmoon has returned to the franchise.

To begin the Quest to get Hawkmoon, head to the Tangled Shore and speak with Spider.

Next you’ll have to find five feathers in order.

For the first, leave Spider’s Safehouse and return to Thieve’s Landing. Coming out of the doorway to Spider’s Safehouse, it’ll be on top of the Fallen crate to your left as seen in the image below.

Hawkmoon Feather 1 Destiny 2

The second feather is in The Sludge on the EDZ. From the spawn head straight, and it’ll be on top of one of the rusted structures to the left looking across from the Hallowed Grove lost sector. In the image below, I’m looking back towards the road that you’ll be coming down from the spawn.

Hawkmoon Feather 2 Destiny 2

The third feather is located right at the spawnpoint in The Steppes, Cosmodrome. It’s on top of of the pillar to your left at the front of the room you spawn in. In the image below, I’m looking down at the spawn location, and you can see the blue dot of Shaw Han in the mini-map.

Hawkmoon Feather 3 Destiny 2

The fourth feather is located in The Dreaming City. From the spawn point, head towards the entrance to Blind Well or Last Wish. Before you enter, in the area where the Taken are it, the feather is on a platform on your left.

Hawkmoon Feather 4 Destiny 2

The final feather is in the Shrine of Oryx on the Moon. Simply head through the Shrine until you get to the end of it. Inside there might be a Barrier Knight Champion. The feather is around the backside of the Shrine, laying on the floor.

Hawkmoon Feather 5 Destiny 2

After you’ve grabbed the fifth one, head back to the Tangled Shore and go talk to Crow. He’ll give some dialogue, and then you’ll grab a new mission marker.

Head back to The Sludge, EDZ and go to the mission marker to begin the mission Let Loose Thy Talons.

Complete the mission by killing some Taken bosses and taking the Effigy of Hawkmoon and then returning back to the Tangled Shore to speak with Crow once again.

Next, you’ll need to strengthen Hawkmoon by collecting and generating Orbs of Power. Grab a masterworked weapon, preferably something quick at killing like Huckleberry if you have the catalyst but any masterworked SMG will do, and get to slaying. You’ll need to generate/collect 50 Orbs.

Return to Crow.

Head to Trostland in the EDZ and investigate the coordinates marked on your map. You’ll commune with the Traveler and then be tasked with collecting five more feathers in a new part of The Reservoir. These feathers show up on your hud, so just follow through the fairly linear path. The final feather is at the boss area of the Lake of Shadows strike where you’ll need to kill two Taken knights to collect the fine one.

Head back to Crow.

Next, you’ll need to either defeat Champions or defeat Guardians in Gambit or Crucible. This is a %, but total requirement is 200. Champions count as 3% of the total, or six of the 200 needed.

After this, you’ll need to do the mission on EDZ called The Crow and The Hawk to reforge Hawkmoon. This mission is in The Sludge. You’ll get the gun at the end and then you’ll equip it and a new phase will begin where you’ll have to defeat Taken.

Hawkmoon is the first exotic weapon in Destiny to have random rolls. Future drops will have different rolls. The perks that can change in the one slot are: Opening Shot, Rangefinder, Moving Target, Killing Wind, Snapshots, Eye of the Storm, Hip-Fire Grip, Quickdraw or Surplus

The final slot can be Smooth Grip, Combat Grip, Heavy Grip, Polymer Grip, Smooth Grip, Textured Grip


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