Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt Iron Banner God Roll Guide – The Guiding Sight

With Iron Banner’s during Season of the Hunt, Bungie has brought back the vanilla D2 Iron Banner scout rifle The Guiding Sight for the first time with random rolls.

Scouts received a slight buff at the launch of Beyond Light in the update, where Bungie increased how much each point of the Aim Assistance state widens the AA cone. At the max, the AA cone is 15% wider.

This means that landing crits is easier, especially the higher the AA stat is.

So let’s look at The Guiding Sight and see if it’s worth using and if it is, what rolls should you be on the look out for. You can check out our God Roll guide for The Steady Hand, also returning this Iron Banner, here.

The Guiding Sight Destiny 2 Iron Banner

In PvP, you’re looking at a 0.80 optimal time-to-kill with 3 crits. It’s body shot time-to-kill is extremely poor at 2.00, requiring 6 body shots. It does a base of 68 crit damage and 38 body damage.

Here are the base stats:

  • Impact = 67
  • Range = 68
  • Stability = 32
  • Handling = 34
  • Reload Speed = 42
  • Rounds Per Minute = 150
  • Magazine = 13
  • Aim Assistance = 30
  • Inventory Size = 40
  • Zoom = 21
  • Recoil = 75
  • Bounce Intensity = 25, Tends Vertical

In the third slot, The Guiding Sight can roll with Rapid Hit, Quickdraw, Hip Fire Grip, Slideshot, Surplus or Ambitious Assassin.

In the fourth slot, it can roll with Vorpal Weapon, Iron Grip, Zen Moment, Iron Gaze, One For All, or Osmosis.

We’re going to look at PvP rolls first, because 150rpm High Impact Scouts are actually quite good in PvP. Again these rolls are more focused on the controller/console users.

Cleanshot IS/Red Dot Micro – Ricochet Rounds/High Caliber Rounds – Surplus/Rapid Hit – Zen Moment/Iron Grip/Iron Gaze

In the above, the first item listed before a / is the perk I prefer, so the roll I’m most looking for is Cleanshot/Ricochet/Surplus/Zen Moment.

I’ll be happy with any combination of the above though.

Ricochet Rounds adds 10 stability. Surplus adds stability (and handling and reload speed) for each fully charged ability (aside from dodge, I almost always have full ability because I don’t particularly care for abilities in PvP), and Zen Moment further increases stability when you cause damage making follow up shots easier to land.

Of course Rapid Hit stacks up to 5 times and increases stability and reload speed for each precision shot, is always a good choice especially on a scout rifle.

Iron Grip will add 20 stability but take away 40 reload speed. You can rock a scout loader, but should still be okay on the reload speed with either Surplus and Rapid Hit. I use Dragon’s Shadow exclusively in PvP and PvE, I don’t ever worry about slow reloads.

I’m interested in Iron Gaze a lot. The base AA isn’t that high at 30. Jade Rabbit, another High Impact has an AA of 80. Given the AA buff to scouts, the higher you can get that the better off you’ll be. Iron Gaze adds 20 AA and takes away 40 range which isn’t a huge blow on a scout rifle. So I’m curious how much better the gun will feel with Iron Gaze and its possible it could leap to the front of that perk column choice.

For now, I’m sticking with Zen Moment in the spot there, with a Targeting Adjuster mod slapped on for an extra +5 AA.

For PvE, I think there are much better guns to use, but here’s a solid roll that I wouldn’t mind having:

Cleanshot IS/Red Dot Micro – Appened Mag – Rapid Hit – Vorpal Weapon/One For All.

Vorpal Weapon is always a solid PvE choice. It’s good in PvP too but only against Supers, and well I wouldn’t recommend trying to shoot a fast moving Super with a Scout on the maps currently in the game. Vorpal doesn’t just work on bosses, but also against majors.

One For All is also a great perk given enemy density, would be very easy to proc on a scout. Take out red bars, use bonus damage on majors or boss. Slap a major spec on for even more damage.

I think Osmosis could be decent as well for activities with match game modifier, but again I think overall there are much better kinetic weapons to use in those activities than The Guiding Sight.

Overall, I’d recommend farming out a good PvP roll from Iron Banner, which first becomes active this season tomorrow at reset. High Impact Scouts are in a very good place in PvP right now, and if you can land your crits (which is easier now with the AA buff) then you can enjoy a crisp 0.8 TTK. There are no damage increasing perks on this gun, for PvP sake, so I do recommend focusing on going all in on either stability or AA.

If you get a good roll on this, let us know in the comments how much you like it.

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