Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get Lament

The Deep Stone Crypt raid went live today and it has been beaten.

The first defeat of the raid has activated the Quest for the Exotic sword Lament.

In order to start the quest, head to the Tower and speak with Banshee, the Gunsmith.

Lost Lament

The Lost Lament quest has 11 steps.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to acquire the chainsaw sword that slashes through Barrier Champion shields.

  1. Locate and scan 3 dead Exos on Europa.
  2. Locate the Giant Exo hidden in the Exo facility.
  3. Prove yourself to the Clovis AI by using Swords against the Vex across Europa.
  4. Acquire and complete the listed quests from Commander Zavala and Variks to prove yourself to the Clovis AI and continue on with “Lost Lament.”
  5. Prove your worth to the Clovis AI by completing an Exo Challenge.
  6. Defeat Vex with finishers to satisfy the Clovis AI. Defeating powerful Vex grants the most efficient progress.
  7. Access the strike “The Glassway” and locate the blade pieces within.
  8. Head back to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 about the broken blade.
  9. Search Eventide Ruins for an abandoned bunker and explore inside.
  10. Complete the mission “Reforging the Past” to save the Clovis AI from being destroyed.
  11. Head back to the Tower and report your discoveries to Banshee-44.

Locate 3 Dead Exos on Europa

The first Dead Exo can be found on a hill in Cadmus Ridge. It’s right near the entrance when you come from spawn area. I’m including two images below, one of the Exo on the hill and the other of the exact location on the map.

The second Dead Exo is in the boss room of the Perdition Lost Sector located in Cadmus Ridge. In the image below, it is in the front left corner when you enter the boss room. You can see the lost sector chest in the screenshot to show you where the Exo is.

The third dead Exo is in the Bray Exoscience, in the little side room to the right when you first enter a large room with enemies.

If you have the Old Secrets, New Challenges quest from Variks, the Dead Exo is in the same room as the quest marker. Back right corner, you can see the quest marker in the image below.

Locate the Giant Exo In the Exo Facility

Track the quest and follow the marker through the Creation area.

You’ll come to to this big dude:

Clovis AI Lament

Sword Kills Against Vex on Europa

This step requires you to kill 100 Vex with Swords on Europa.

You will also need to defeat 20 Minotaurs, Hyrdas, or Cylcops with Sword final blows.

The Bunker E15 Lost Sector and Perdition Lost Sector would be a good place to do this.

Unless it’s bugged for me, it’s not counting sword kills against any of the major or ultra minotaurs or hyrdas in the lost sectors, so I guess stick to red bars in the patrol zones.

Quickest patrol zone would be Asterion Abyss as there are lots of red bar minotaurs and hydras around. If you’re on console, I’d recommend setting your time back and going into the instance solo since you need final blows with a sword. If you go into an instance with other people, you’re going to be competing for kills.

Complete An Exo Challenge

If you haven’t done the Exo Challenge that Variks gives you (the one mentioned in the Dead Exo portion) now would be the time to do it.

Head to Bray Exoscience (or pick up the quest from Variks if you have not yet done so) and complete the Exo Challenge.

The Recommended Power for this mission is 1230. Completing this mission will give a Powerful reward if you haven’t completed before getting to this step.

Defeat Vex With Finishers; Powerful Vex Grant Most Progress

Do the Perdition or Bunker lost sectors and finish everything. It’s 60 finishers if you just do red bars, about 2% each one. Majors seem to give about 8%.

Broken Blade Piece in The Glass Way Strike

This is can be selected from the Director, there is no special version of it.

You don’t need to complete the strike, just make it to the boss and kill the arc shielded Transcendent Harpy and you’ll get the piece.

Transcendent Harpy Lament Quest

Visit Gunsmith at The Tower

Just talk to Banshee.

Search Eventide Ruins For Abandoned Bunker

The abandoned bunker is the Bunker E15 lost sector.

Just complete the lost sector and open the cache.

Complete Reforging The Past Mission

A new quest mission will appear in the Eventide Ruins. Leave the lost sector and approach the marker to begin.

The mission is pretty fun. As with the Salvation Grip mission, you’ll get the weapon before the mission ends and will get to use it against a horde of enemies as there are several heavy ammo caches around.

At this point the weapon is yours, but to finish the quest you’ve got one more step.

Report Back to Banshee at The Tower

Talk to the Banshee to end the quest.

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