Cryptolith Lure Guide

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Wrathborn Hunt Guide & Impressions

Season of the Hunt officially kicked off at reset yesterday when our Guardian was tasked to venture to the Moon to assist Osiris, who is now Ghost-less following the death of Sagira.

Osiris ends up being saved by a new Lightbearer known as The Crow. We know him as the former Awoken Prince, Uldren Sov.

Crow works for Spider, and more like enslaved by him, and is kept in the dark about his former life.

For the seasonal activity, it is Crow who Guardians will be working with. He’s got a shop in Spider’s Safehouse where you can grab bounties, up to four powerful rewards a week and a pinnacle as well.

Cryptolith Lure Mods and Upgrades

As you do Wrathborn Hunts, you’ll acquire Recon Data that you can turn into Crow to increase your Reputation. 20 Recon Data equals a rank up, giving you a seasonal engram that is either at your base power or one below it.

At Crow you can upgrade your Cryptolith Lure, which exist in your Quests page much like the Chalice of Opulence. In order to max out your Lure upgrades, you will need to rank up with Crow 10 times.

While at Crow, you can also spend Glimmer to acquire weak and strong Lure Mods.

In order to initiate a Wrathborn Hunt, you’ll need a charged Lure.

You charge the Lore by completing strikes, Gambit and Crucible matches with bonus acceleration by defeating combatants with arc damage or any ability in strikes. You can store three charges.

Assuming that the bonus actions in strikes don’t change weekly, and Bungie doesn’t nerf it, the best way to obtain three charges really fast is to load into The Lake of Shadows strike and go run the Widow’s Walk lost sector. Do it with an Arc subclass or arc weapons, and you’ll get 50% charge in one run just by killing the four Nightmare shanks and the Wanted boss. Six times doing the Lost Sector, and you have three charges.

(UPDATE: The bonus acceleration changes daily, so Widow’s Walk method won’t do you any good if the daily isn’t Strikes. Bummer.)

Cryptolith Lure

There are four Prey Mod’s; two Fallen Wrathborn bosses and two Hive Wrathborn bosses. The Fallen Hunts take place on the Tangled Shore while the Hive Hunts take place on the Dreaming City.

You will need to have ranked up two times with Crow and purchased the Improved Seeker I upgrade to unlock the Hive hunts.

Each time you do a Hunt, the rewards for the four Prey Mods change. The rewards can be any piece of seasonal armor, and there’s five weapons that only drop from the activity or rank up from Crow.

If you are lagging behind in Power on a class item and have a Powerful reward left on the Lure but none of the rewards is a class item, you can do whichever one offers Recon Data to reset the reward offerings until you get one that gives a class item. This will help you target farm Power for a specific slot that you need.

It appears that each character gets two powerfuls from Hunts a week, and the bonus two and the Pinnacle that come from upgrading the Lure are account based.

As you complete activities of any kind (including patrols and lost sector chests) you’ll have the chance to get Trophy Mods for your Lure. These will help you hone in on something specific; higher than average stat rolls on armor, recovery based armor, range masterwork, certain perks excluded from the potential pool, etc.

Wrathborn Hunt Prey Mods

All in all, this gameplay loop for the seasonal activity is more engaging than we’ve seen the past few seasons.

There’s no public event and there’s no matchmade activity, there’s no need to collect a certain currency and engrams to spam rewards in the tower.

You do a Hunt of your choice and get the reward you choose. While the item you want might not be offered when you want it offered, thus making you run potentially several Recon Data reward hunts, you will at least be getting the data to potentially get it from a rank up package.

The hunts, at least what we have right now with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 (Tier 2 has a few modifiers) are quite easy and don’t take more than a few minutes to fully complete.

The big hold up is having to charge the Lure and I don’t think it’s a great gameplay design to want people to have to keep doing stuff they might not want to do just to do something they want to do a couple of times.

As such, I fully support the Widow’s Walk lost sector way of farming charges from the Lake of Shadow’s strike and hope that Bungie doesn’t do something about because players aren’t engaging with activities the way Bungie wants us too.

Will the activity hold up for three months? Probably not, will depend on what any Master or above Hunt’s reward whenever they become available (assuming they do). As is, five weapons and the season armor is a bit meh and won’t take three months to acquire what you want. Actually more than that since the seasonal stuff doesn’t go away at the end of the season anymore.

The kinetic SMG Friction Fire is quite good, even on consoles, and the Wave Frame void grenade launcher Deafening Whisper is also worth going after.

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