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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Duality & Catalyst

Beyond Light is out and with it quite a few new exotics.

Duality is an exotic solar energy shotgun that fires a pellet spread when hip-fired or a single high-damage slug when aiming.

How to Get Duality

Duality is super easy to get as it is Season of the Hunt’s freebie exotic.

That means if you have bought the Season of the Hunt Season Pass, you will get Duality in the box with armor on the first level of the premium track.

If you don’t own the Season Pass, you will be able to get Duality when you hit rank 35 on the free track.

Duality Catalyst + Steps

After you acquire Duality, go to the Gunsmith and he’ll have the Catalyst Quest to give you.

The first step of this is called Walk The Line.

You’ll need to earn points from strike playlist completions, Nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches.

Crucible wins, Gambit wins, and Nightfall: The Ordeal completions on Legend difficulty or higher grant the most efficient progress.

You’ll need 300 progress points. Defeat 50 Guardians with Duality, and defeat 100 enemies with Duality Slug.

Step two is likely to just be return to Banshee once you complete the above, but if not we’ll update when we know for sure.

Best of luck on your RNG.

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