No, Sony Isn’t Recording Your PS4 Party Chat


A trending topic on Twitter for the past few hours has been #PS4Update because of the update Sony released earlier today.

When you click on the trend, you get this message from Twitter about why that hashtag is trending:

PlayStation 4 users are not happy about the newest update that reportedly allows Sony to record party chats for moderation purposes.

And then a whole lot of people complaining about it or making jokes about appearing in court after their party chats get out.

The message included in the update pretty clearly states exactly what it means:

Please be aware that voice chats in parties may be recorded and sent to us by other users. By participating in voice chats, you agree to your voice being recorded.

These recordings will be used only for safety and moderating purposes by PlayStation Safety.

Recorded by people in the party chat with you and sent to PlayStation Safety by that person.

This is not Sony recording everyone’s party conversations. There’s not a group of people secretly listening to everyone in a party. There’s no NSA or CIA, or anyone else, spying on your party chats.

If you’re being spied on, there’s certainly better ways… such as the smart phone that so many people have become tethered to.

Best not party up with snowflakes if you say some stuff the SocJus crowd would find offensive/problematic/toxic or whatever they cry about. Know who you’re partying with.

This is a non-issue that Sony is letting you know can happen to cover themselves legally since you agreed to it by using the feature.