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Ultimate Brooklyn Brawler Best Captain America Build Marvel’s Avengers

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Alright, alright… went a little clickbait-ish with the title there as the best build for anything is whatever fits your playstyle and allows you to perform your best. So what’s best for one isn’t necessarily best for someone else, but with that said this is a really strong and easy to understand Captain America build that most everyone should be able to play with relative ease.

When it comes our Avengers build guides, we’re going to focus mostly on the skill trees and then little on the gear. The reason for that is the skill trees create the build and everyone has access to them, whilst the gear is heavily RNG based. And considering the amount of low stat five-star legendaries I’ve been getting, I don’t put much concern into the gear at the moment.

With that said, here’s the build I’ve been rocking for my Captain America (who is my main) since I hit the level 50 cap a day or so before the official release of the game. It’s served me well so far, getting me through every piece of the content currently in the game including the Elite Heroic Hive with absolute ease.

I change some of this depending on whether I’m playing in a group or solo, and so when there’s a change I’ll make a note of it.

Captain America Build Marvel's Avengers

Rally Cry – Support Heroic Ability

Rally Cry is Cap’s support ability that rallies teammates to action. Enemies in proximity and those attacked while Rally Cry is active are marked. Enemies marked by Rally Cry take additional damage from all sources. All strike team members have a 15% increased chance to land a critical attack on enemies marked by Rally Cry.

When I’m playing SOLO, I use the first node on the left side; FIELD COMMANDER. This increases the duration of Rally Cry by 5 seconds. The reason I use this one for solo play is because I’m looking to do as much damage I can for the longest period of time I can. I’m also likely playing on Challenge II.

When I’m playing in a GROUP I use the bottom node; CALL TO ARMS. Triggering Rally Cry grants a Defensive Buff that reduces damage by 25% for all nearby strike members. I use this in groups because we’re playing on a higher challenge level and the damage reduction pairs nicely with the damage buff. You can see my Defense Rating is only 936, so in the higher difficulties I like having this damage reduction.

On the right side, I always use HOLD THE LINE. Defeated enemies marked by Rally Cry have a 35% chance to drop a Regen Pack. This is self-explanatory, regen packs are always helpful and the other two options aren’t worth taking in my opinion.

The charge rate of the support heroic ability is influenced by your Resilience stat. I’m pretty low in this department, rocking only 33. That’s 7.2% Armor and 3.5% on the Rally Cry charge rate. I’m ok with this because we’ll be getting Rally Cry back fairly quick via heroic orbs.

Enemies that have been marked by Rally Cry have a 25% chance to drop a Heroic Orb, which pairs nicely with the orb spawning we’ll get to in a bit.

I like to use Rally Cry right before using Brooklyn Brawler for reasons that will become apparent later.

Steamroller – Assault Heroic Ability

Steamroller instantly targets up to eight enemies with the shield thrown with incredible force, dealing significant damage as it ricochets between targets.

On the left, you could go either the top or middle. I always go with the top option, SECRET WEAPON. This allows you to hold up to two charges of Steamroller. I just like having two of these available because of the next perk we’ll take, but the middle option, TIDE BREAKER, is a very solid pick as well. That one allows you to kick the shield when it returns from a Steamroller attack, dealing more damage.

On the right side, the only option worth grabbing here is the middle one, VANGUARD CHARGE. Every two enemies defeated with Steamroller generates a Heroic Orb. Toss this at some drones or weakened enemies, and what the Heroic Orbs rain down. And again, the Heroic Orbs are tremendously impactful in this build because it’s giving us back Rally Cry, Steamroller, and Brooklyn Brawler extremely fast.

The charge rate for Steamroller is influenced by your Precision stat which impacts your Ranged Rating. I have 73 Precision, which gives 973 range damage and boosts the Steamroller charge rate by 18.5%.

Brooklyn Brawler – Ultimate Heroic Ability

Ah Brooklyn Brawler, where Steve Rogers turns into Steve Lombardi and goes ham on some AIM goons. I love this Ultimate, and it’s a good thing because it is the centerpiece and star of this build.

Activating Brooklyn Brawler performs a powerful shield slam that refills intrinsic energy and stops enemies in their tracks. After the shield slam, all damage and defensive strength is increased and a new Light Attack combo is temporarily available.

When Brooklyn Brawler is triggered, you instantly restore 25% of Willpower and when you deal damage with it active you also restore a small amount of Willpower. This helps turn you into a bit of tank, although on higher difficulties you’re definitely not invincible and are still prone to getting melted.

All your options here are good, and so you can’t really go wrong. However, there are two that stand atop the rest and those are the two I use for this build. It’s nasty, some would even say broken but I think is in a good spot and feeds into the power fantasy.

On the left, we’re at the top with CQC SPECIALIST. While Brooklyn Brawler is active, Takedowns can be performed on critically wounded enemies. Normally, you’d need an enemy stunned to be able to do a Takedown, and anyone member of your team could jump in and do it. Here, any enemy that is low health can have a Takedown done on them and only you get the prompt for it. This is important for the next ability, and also one we’ll touch on later. Takedowns are HUGE here.

On the right, we’re still at the top with ADRENALINE RUSH. Takedowns extend the duration of Brooklyn Brawler by 3 seconds. Now while you’re doing a Takedown, your Brooklyn Brawler countdown stops, so when you come out of the animation you get three seconds added to the timer. So if you triggered a Takedown with five seconds left, you’d do the Takedown and then have eight seconds left.

With CQC Specialist and Adrenaline Rush, you’re just chaining Takedowns. Some of the bigger enemies you can do a Takedown on three times in rapid succession; by the time one second has drained off the timer, you’ve been able to gain nine seconds. It’s insane.

I focus on melee, so I like my Melee rating to be high. Might and Valor contribute to this, with Might giving increased melee damage and boosting the Ultimate charge rate. I have 133 Might for 1244 melee damage and a Ultimate charge rate of 21.5%. Valor is 84, which gives Heroic Effectiveness at 110 and Critical Damage at 193%. With Proficiency at 194, my Critical Chance is at 25.2%.

Captain America Build Marvel's Avengers Mastery

Combat Mastery

I focus on melee attacks, so I use COMBO FINISHER MASTERY for Combat Specialization. This increases the damage by 25% of both Light and Heavy Combo finishers.

If you focus on a lot of range attacks, which in higher difficulty solo play is pretty good, you could go with RANGED DAMAGE Mastery to increase all ranged attack damage by 15%.

Under Melee Expertise, I use the middle option COMBO FINISHER CRITICAL MASTERY. This increases the Critical Attack damage by 15% for both Light and Heavy Combo finishers. I do sometimes use the bottom option HEROIC BOOST COMBAT MASTERY to boost heroic charge speed by 1% when dealing damage with Light or Heavy Attacks, but given all the Heroic Orbs we’re spawning it really isn’t much of a help.

Finally under Takedown Specialization, there’s only choice that matters and it’s the middle one HEROIC TAKEDOWN MASTERY. This is a key component to the build, as performing a Takedown spans a Heroic Orb. Now go back and read the above on Brooklyn Brawler. Yeah, we’re spamming Takedowns during Brooklyn Brawler, extending its duration AND spawning heroic orbs. By the time Brooklyn Brawler runs out, we already have it back up while also keep Rally Cry and Steamroller up as well. Insanely powerful.

Ranged Attack Mastery

Under Shield Throwing Mastery, I go with the bottom option ENHANCED THROW. This increases the speed and damage of all shield throws by 15%. Just a straight DPS buff whenever you throw a shield including Steamroller.

For Throw Mastery, I go with the top one PERFECT CATCH. This allows you to press R2 when catching the shield to boost the damage by 15% and Critical Attack Chance by 35% on the next throw.

On Throw Utility, I use the middle option PRECISION HEROIC DYNAMO. This gives a 15% chance to generate a Heroic Orb when defeating enemies with headshots.  This whole node is pretty meh, but I love me some Heroic Orbs, so there you go.

Efficiency Mastery

Under Block Energy Specialization, I stick with the bottom option TAKEDOWN ENERGY BURST. Again, we’re spamming Takedowns, and this recovers 40% intrinsic shield block energy when performing a Takedown.

For Block Energy Efficiency I go with the middle one ENERGY REGENERATION II. This increases the base regeneration speed of intrinsic shield block by 15%.

On Block Energy Mastery I use the top choice ENERGY BOOST III. This one increases the maximum amount of intrinsic shield block by 15%.

Intrinsic Ability Mastery

I like the Commander’s Call buff so that’s what we’re focused on here. Commander’s Call is a heavy attack where you press Triangle while blocking with shield block to trigger a powerful shockwave that sends enemies tumbling backwards and taunts enemies, drawing their attention. It also triggers the Captain’s Defense buff that significantly reduces the cost for blocking enemy attacks by 50% and reduces all damage taken by 15%.

For Heavy Defensive Attack Mastery I use the bottom option CAPTAIN’S DEFENSE MASTERY. This increases the duration of Captain’s Defense buff by 8 seconds. Buff is triggered by the Commander’s Call ability,

Under Light Defensive Attack Mastery I use the bottom again, CAPTAIN’S CHARGE MASTERY. Captain’s Charge buff lasts for two attacks or multiple ranged attack throws. Buff is triggered by the Commander’s Parry ability. When I play in a group I don’t usually focus too much on going for Commander’s Parry and instead choose the top option here DEFENSE ATTACK EFFICIENCY II to further reduce by the cost of intrinsic attacks by 15%.

For Defensive Attack Expertise I’m again focused on Commander’s Call and so I go with the middle option IRON DEFENSE. Blocking attacks while the Captain’s Defense buff is active drains no intrinsic energy. Buff is triggered by the Commander’s Call ability. If you like taunting enemies and drawing aggro, you could go with the bottom option CAPTAIN’S INTIMIDATION to increase the duration of taunt caused by Commander’s Call by 5 seconds.

Marvel's Avengers Safeguard of the First Avenger


I’m still finetuning gear, but’s is kind of a pain and heavily RNG based so I’m not overly concerned with perfection or min-maxing or whatever. That’s why you see me spending resources upgrading stuff I won’t necessarily keep.

I do like the piece you see in the screenshot. That’s my Safeguard of the First Avenger legendary, and it synergizes very nicely with my Brooklyn Brawler build. The stats seem somewhat low since there’s only two of them, but at least they both contribute to my Melee Rating which I like. Proficiency also impacts Ranged Rating, so I like that. I’m on the hunt for a better one of these. This was the first legendary I got at 130 though, and that was close to two weeks ago and thus far I haven’t found anything better.

As you can see though, it has the Brooklyn Brawler Blitz perk which gives 10% increased damage from Brooklyn Brawler. It also has the Ultimate Heroic Charge perk, which further increases the charge rate of Brooklyn Brawler by 18%.

My other 140 piece, my gloves, is a five-star Haymakers of the First Avenger with 48 Proficiency and 50 Might. This has Brawler’s Vigor, which extends the duration of Brooklyn Brawler by two seconds. It also has Pym Atomizer, where power attacks disperse an aerosol spray of concentrated Pym Particles, inflicting Particle damage. Finally, it has Commander’s Call Recovery, which gives a 200% increased Willpower regeneration from Commander’s Call so this piece also synergizes very nicely with our build here.

I don’t have a good shield or chest piece.

For the Major Artifact, I use Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will. This gives a 6.2% increased critical chance when the damage boss is active and increases the duration of ALL damage buffs by 4 seconds. Pressing both L3 and R3 together activates the Tyr’s Offense damage boost, and of course has a five minute cooldown.

My Minor Artifacts change based on what I’m doing as I haven’t found good ones that I like yet. I have one that gives a 4% chance to find Iso-8 shards in strongboxes, one that gives an 8% chance to receive a bonus Iso-8 shard when completing Drop Zones, one that increases my Ultimate charge rate by 9.3%, one that gives a 6.2% chance completing any mission at Challenge II or higher will award an extra gear item, and one that gives a 5% increased chance to find comic books in strongboxes.

Here’s a quick video showing the build in action in a quick Challenge IV Assault Drop Zone where I was in Brooklyn Brawler the entire encounter:

And thats’ going to wrap up our Ultimate Brooklyn Brawler TakeDown build for Captain America. If you’re a Cap main, you’re probably already using this or some variation of it. If you’re not a Cap main, give this build a try. It’s a ton of fun and super powerful. You’ll stay in your Ultimate, constantly spawning Heroic Orbs and spamming Takedowns. With Rally Cry and Commander’s Call, it gets to be crazy good with all sorts of buffs and damage resistance.

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